5 Profound Ways Your CRM Software Can Rock Your World

If you are like most of us, you are scrambling for a way to reach the new buyer.  The old marketing methods are simply a waste of money.  The older “new” marketing methods like SEO and PPC are becoming more like a gambling with your money.  And the promises made by people touting the “next great thing” sound like a way for THEM to make money.  A better solution may be hiding in plain sight.

You probably have some form of data management in place.  It may simply be software that serves as a storage unit for client information.  If that is all you demand from your CRM software, it is probably rarely (if ever) used effectively. 

Most companies use CRM software within the sales process.  Unfortunately, the company goal often is to get the salespeople to record their work so it can be scrutinized and calculated.  It often is more valuable to the “bean counters” than to the customers.  Salespeople tend to resist this monitoring and record only what is required.

When you have a really good Customer Relationship Manager (an online CRM); it can be the hub of the company.  It can be the marketing and sales team’s best friend, customer service loves it and it even makes the “bean counters” happy. 

For Marketing and Sales 

With Customer Relationship Management systems, marketing can easily download sales leads for the sales staff.  Additionally, they can develop an email marketing campaign that is highly targeted to the ideal customer.  When a good online CRM is connected to the email campaign, the sales team is alerted immediately when the targeted prospect opens the email and again when the sales lead clicks a link to a content piece specifically designed for them.

For the “Bean Counters”

One of the primary goals of the financial department of a company is to make sure there is adequate cash flow to support company operations.  Properly implemented CRM software develops accurate pipeline reports.  Over time, the numbers become part of a pattern that can be predicted with great accuracy.

 For the CEO

A growing business will need help from a bank from time to time.  Without a loan from the bank, a company’s growth will be stifled because they cannot take advantages of opportunities immediately.  With current and historic pipeline data, it is easy to track trajectory and make the case for additional cash for growth.  Instead of claiming that demand has increased with a general projection of 20% growth, the reports can detail the expectation of 18.5% growth.  Even when the number is smaller, the CRM software generated reports will give the banker more confidence.

For Customer Service and Delivery 

When the customer service and delivery staff has access to the online CRM, they can take care of the customer at a much higher level.  No one likes to be the client of a company where “the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing”.  Yet many companies maintain silos of data within each department.  This lack of data sharing is frustrating to team members and can also cause a customer to become unhappy.

 For the Customer

Without an online CRM that is accessible from anywhere, the customer is always the ultimate loser.  The loss can occur when they call in with questions for the sales person who is out of the office.  It can fail when the delivery process does not follow the details of what is promised.  There are an endless number of opportunities to disappoint the customer when your CRM software is not used effectively. 

Companies that have launched a 360 degree view of the customer coupled with marketing automation are seeing growth that those with crippled, less implemented CRM software can only imagine.  It’s time to analyze the value of your CRM software.  Are you doing everything you can to put your customers at the center of your company?  A powerful, flexible and easy-to-use online CRM can help you do just that.