5 Reasons Your Business Shouldn’t Use Social Media

With the constant hype surrounding social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it’s easy to start thinking that there is nothing but upside to using these websites. However, regardless of how much the tech press may adore social media, that doesn’t automatically mean they are the right fit for your business. Before you leap onto this bandwagon, consider the following five reasons why social media may not be the best marketing channel for your business:


You’re Not Ready to Commit: A common misconception about social media is that you can jump in and quickly attract a flood of leads for your business. While that would be great, it’s not the way things work. Instead, since the power of social media is the ability to build relationships, it takes time to see results. If you’re not ready to commit to this channel, you’re going to end up frustrated and feeling like you wasted a chunk of your valuable time.


You Don’t Have a Plan: You don’t need to be a social media expert before you start participating on a site like Google Plus. On the other hand, you are going to want to at least have a general idea of what goals you have for your business and the steps you’re going to take to achieve them. If you don’t at least have a basic outline of what you’re going to do, you’re far more likely to give up before you bring in any new leads or customers.


Writing Isn’t Something You Enjoy: A blog should be the anchor of any savvy social media strategy. But as with making connections through social networks, building a strong blog takes time. And the bulk of that time will be devoted to writing posts. While writing can be a very rewarding experience, it’s definitely not for everyone.


You’ve Already Got Too Much on Your Plate: As with most business activities, it takes time to build up momentum through social media. But if you’re able to stay the course, you will start seeing results. What’s important to keep in mind is not only will you need to be committed to reaching this point, but you’ll have to stay active to maximize your benefits. If you’re already swamped with other responsibilities, this may simply be too much to ask of yourself.


You Don’t See Its Value: Simply put, social media isn’t for everyone. If you get absolutely no enjoyment out of this activity, there’s no reason to subject yourself to it. You’ll be much happier pursuing a different channel that’s a better fit for your personality.
With all the being said, chances are your business can benefit from using social media. What’s important to remember is just because you can sign up for social media accounts for free doesn’t mean these channels are a magic pill for your business. Instead, if you actually want results, you’re going to have to put in the work.


What’s surprised you the most about the social media world?