Marketing Automation An Unfair Advantage over Your Competition

Advantages of Marketing Automation

Imagine a Monday morning that starts with a simple search and a couple of mouse clicks.  You take a few moments to sit back in your chair and know that your sales team is supplied with a fresh set of qualified prospects.  A smile comes over your face when you think about how much easier it is to train sales staff now that everything has been thoughtfully automated to reach your very best prospects.


After a minute or two indulging in the sweet sense of self-pride, it is time to get back to work.  You pick up the sales forecast reports and laugh out loud about what you see.  Not only have sales results soared, these are reliable numbers that you can trust.  You can literally “take them to the bank” and easily get a line of credit to support continued business growth.  To think it all came from learning how to use marketing automation.


You may think that marketing automation can’t multiply your revenue and divide your effort.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of B2B companies are discovering that there is a dependable way to make this vision a reality.

Adjusting to the New Buyer

If you are like most business, you have been slapped with the reality of a new sales environment.  Buyers no longer trust the information provided by even the best sales professionals.  This pervasive skepticism can make the sales cycle much longer and unstable.

In fact, the majority of buyers have already done research before they come in touch with your sales experts.  They trust what they read online more than the person who might earn a living selling them your product or service.  Even if the internet information is totally wrong, it can create an adversarial dynamic between your people and their best prospects.

Your company must become the source of good information about your product and service.  With the lack of trust in the buyer, you can’t force-feed the information to them either.  So how do you get the correct information into the minds of your prospective buyers?  Do your own research and automate lead generation via email marketing.

Adjusting to a New Area of Expertise

You are already an expert on the features and benefits of what you offer.  That is a given.  The buyer does not care about that anymore.

You must become an expert on the buyer, their struggles and how you can resolve the pain they have when not using your product or service.  You need to know what keeps them up at night with worry.  You need to know their age, gender, level of education, level in their organization, industry, geographic parameters and anything else you can determine as your ideal client.

Insert the Adjusted Data into Marketing Automation


This sounds unrealistically simple for a reason.  The reason is that these two steps are only a beginning.  Without these two adjustments you are not likely to succeed in the new buyer landscape.  With them, you have the basis for a totally new way of conducting business within a proven, statistically-driven system that you can implement for your own business.  It works for every type of business.  From the solo entrepreneur to mid-sized manufacturers, the system is something you can duplicate with success.
I can feel you bracing for the price tag.  It sounds like one of those “to-good-to-be-true” stories.

How does FREE sound?  Get access to marketing automation that can give you step-by-step instruction about how to make the adjustments mentioned here and implement some of them at almost no cost.  We know the power of this method and have created this 2013 Sales Growth Series to introduce it to a larger audience.  There is nothing to purchase.  You don’t have to give any of your contact information.  Just go to this link and learn what is shared.

We hope you soon have a Monday morning like we described earlier.  Let us know.