Advantages of Mobile CRM Software

5 Reasons You Need Mobile CRM Software


The world is going mobile, and your sales team should too. Sales people are on their phones and on the road constantly pounding the pavement to build relationships and grow sales. There’s no reason your CRM software shouldn’t go with them.  Smart phones are the way of the present and the future and some CRM providers are forward-thinking enough to make their software mobile friendly. If your current CRM software system isn’t mobile here’s a few reasons you should be rethinking your provider and switching to an online CRM software service that can go where your team goes!


Better CRM Data.


Your sales team is human. They make mistakes and the longer the time period between when they interact with a prospect and enter the data into your system at the office the more likely the data will be flawed.  With mobile CRM, changes and updates to prospects and clients information can be done seamlessly from anywhere with no delays.


Immediate Access In Emergency Situations.


You never know when something critical is going to happen to one of your accounts and if your sales team isn’t able to get to the office to make the changes the emergency requires you may be losing a client.  Times like these you’ll be wishing you had remote access to all your clients and data through mobile online CRM.


Increased Productivity.


With Mobile CRM you have 24/7 access to your accounts, data and all the information you need. No worries about finding wifi or having the right computer cords, everything you need is in your pocket, literally. With everything you need in arms reach there’s no excuses for missing appointments or slacking on data entry.


Easier Scheduling.


Mobile access to online CRM allows you and your team to synchronize schedules, plan meetings, attend conference calls and check emails to facilitate business as usual wherever you are.


Improved Customer Service.


Equipped with on the go mobile CRM, sales teams can respond to client emails and schedule calls without missing a beat.  Fast response time and more accurate data retention will in turn lead to better relationships with clients. And we all know that better relationships yield better profits.


Finding an online CRM provider that has a mobile application can improve CRM adoption, productivity and profits! Beyond not being mobile-ready you should also be aware of these 5 Reasons Your CRM May Be Failing You.