How To Build Email Marketing Lists With Social Media

5 Easy Steps – How To Build Email Marketing Lists with Social Media

Most people are familiar with using their website to gather emails, sign people up for newsletters and offer freebies in exchange for emails. But fewer people are actually using their social media presence to further grow their email marketing lists. Social media is an excellent way to grow a fan base and communicate with customers in a more laid-back environment. It’s also a great place to build brand loyalty. This post will go over some easy and smart ways to get your social media fans on your mailing list.

1. Facebook App. Find an app that allows people to sign up for your email-marketing list directly from your Facebook page.  This allows for people to sign up for your mailing list without having to leave Facebook.


2. Samples. Use Twitter and Facebook to post samples of your awesome email newsletters as bait for signing them up to receive them regularly. This gives you the opportunity to show people how valuable your offerings are before they hand over their email. For more tips on this read, Top Email Marketing Tips to Increase Newsletter Sign Ups.


3. Blogs. When you post a new blog make sure it’s linked into Twitter, Facebook and any other social media you use. Make sure you have a “Subscribe “ button on each blog posting so people can stay up to date on your important blog posts.


4. Teasers.  Build momentum for your next blog or newsletter by doing mini posts or short excerpts of your content on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or Google+ a few days before the content is released to your email marketing list.


5. Links. It’s also smart to have links to your mailing list on your Twitter profile (in the web page field) and on your Facebook profile.


Utilizing social media to build your list will expand your reach far beyond what your website can do alone. The viral nature of social media allows people to see who else is liking or following or subscribing to your brand and capitalize on the power of social influence. We don’t want to be out of the know, right? If so and so is reading about you or following you, maybe I should too. It’s a great way to make several impressions with little effort as well.  We don’t recommend you substitute traditional email marketing list building efforts for social efforts, but we do think it’s wise to do both as they complement each other nicely.