Craig Klein Speaks At Email World

Craig Klein speaks at email world about the power email marketing can have on your sales funnel

Digital Marketer puts on some of the best conferences on digital marketing I know of. I was honored to be a speaker at the recent Email World conference, in September of 2013.


The conference was packed with excellent speakers. I think I learned more in that 3 days than in the rest of the year!


Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, there is always a lot to learn and the folks at Digital Marketer and the conference speakers are all on the cutting edge. You can watch all the talks at Email World 2013 yourself here.


My presentation, on Using Real Time Email Analytics to Drive Successful Sales Calling Campaigns, is below. You’ll hear that I also tell a cool story about the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World”.


I hope you’ll find both useful!


The general theme of the talk is that email is most effective when it’s used as a tool to begin or nurture real human relationships. I think that keeping our email marketing goals within that context helps us create emails that people appreciate. Email marketing that’s perceived as spam is not good. But, all email marketing doesn’t have to be spam. The approach I talked about at Email World 2013 is just one way to make your email campaign a valuable element of your long term relationship with your customers.