CRM & Email Marketing

Why Bundle CRM & Email Marketing?


The question we have been asking at SalesNexus is why not bundle CRM & Email Marketing services. For too long these two entities have been necessary, yet separate.  Why wouldn’t you want to be able to track leads and data from sales and implement a new email outreach campaign based on what you learn? Most people take the information from their CRM system and then use another email marketing service provider to implement a email marketing campaign based on the CRM data.


This seems like an unnecessary step if you can find a CRM software provider who also integrates email marketing seamlessly, right? At SalesNexus we identified this need for integration years ago and have been successfully integrating CRM and Email Marketing with our clients. Integrating full email functionality into the online CRM system removes a lot of the complexity of data migration and issues that come with it. Combining the two services, CRM & Email Marketing, also saves a ton of time for our users. And our clients find that they love being able to tie email marketing statistics directly into the data from CRM efforts to create a well-rounded view of their marketing and sales efforts.
CRM and email marketing integration also allows for easy import of contacts into an email campaign from the CRM system. And the incorporation of a user-friendly HTML editor makes it easy for anyone on the sales or marketing team to send out appropriate email campaigns!


So again we ask, why not bundle CRM & Email Marketing software? And What Else Is Your Email Marketing Solution Not Doing? If you are tired of using two separate platforms then maybe CRM with Email Marketing is the solution for you. We encourage you to checkout our CRM & Email Marketing bundled service. Want more? Try our Return on Investment Worksheet for CRM and Email Marketing!