CRM Software System Delivers Success for These Businesses

Big time thanks to these customers who contributed their success stories to our Success Stories page on the website for the SalesNexus CRM Software System!  Read all their stories here.

We were overwhelmed with the response when we asked users of our CRM software system for their stories about how sales force automation with SalesNexus has helped them grow their business.

There were a lot of inspiring stories!  We picked out the best and put them on our new website.  We wanted to encourage our readers to check out these businesses!  You can read their complete stories on our Customer Relationship Software Success Stories page here.


Jeffrey Young of The Waynesville Inn contributed his story about how customer relationship management software has helped him grow his beautiful Great Smoky Mountain Resort.  It’s an elegant hotel in the North Carolina Great Smoky Mountains that has a lot of fun to offer within the property and very nearby.


Melissa Johnson shared her experiences with sales force automation too.  Melissa is a realtor in Minnesota.  If you’re a home buyer or home seller in Minnesota, give Melissa a call!
If you’re a golfer, you’ll be interested in what Sidney B. Steiner had to say about his CRM software system.  Sidney’s company, Ultra Clean Clubs offers an innovative machine that cleans clubs for longer drives and higher shot accuracy.


Pat Powers of Stonehouse Signs has been using the crm software system from SalesNexus for years.  Check out Stonehouse’s Safety, Traffic, Photoluminescent and even Ski Resort signs.
The Tax Law Center is your place for Resolving Tax Problems.  Robert Grossman, Jr. shares his thoughts on what it takes to make customer relationship software work for his business.


Formtek‘s Edward Kay brings it all home with his comments about crm software systems.  Formtek’s engineering content management solutions are industry leaders!


Again, many thanks to all those mentioned above and all the other customer relationship management software users that contributed their thoughts about SalesNexus!