CRM Software with Sales Leads Built In?!

Wow!  Since launching our partnership with we’ve been extremely busy!


It’s no secret that the #1 challenge in any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) implementation is getting the sales team to really use the system.


And what’s the one thing every sales person in the world wants more of?  OK, two things…


After money, sales people want leads more than anything else.


Now, sales people trying SalesNexus get 250 sales prospects, of their choosing, at no charge!  Thank you!
We’re seeing a surge in interest from front line sales people and it’s very exciting to see.


The next wave is to implement email marketing campaigns
in SalesNexus and develop sales campaigns that target the contacts  that open or click those emails.  We’re working with sales people to develop their campaigns using contacts and SalesNexus now.


We’ll report back with results very soon!