Don’t Ignore Your Clients and Sales Leads – RESPOND

Mobile Responsiveness A wall that bends as I approach? Did I just wake up on the Starship Enterprise?!


Technology that responds to humans is rapidly becoming commonplace. Your clients and sales leads expect you to adapt your communication to fit them, their activities and even the devices used.


Responsive Design


Responsive architecture is more than science fiction. In recent years, “responsive architecture” began asking how physical spaces could respond when sensing people passing through. Architects began experimenting with embedded robotics and flexible materials allowing art installations and wall structures to bend and flex as one approached.


Digital Response


Today web design, by necessity, has also become “responsive.” Not too long ago, websites and email were viewed on desktops – then laptops. Today they are viewed on mobile phones, handheld game controllers, touch interfaces, tablets and even phablets.


Responding to a wide variety of screen sizes is more than shrinking and expanding the images. You can’t justexchange an extremely wide data table for a pie chart to fit into a smartphone window.It involves a set of techniques, not just a single piece of technology. For example, with the responsive design systems in place, you can now hide, stack, expand, flow, collapse, or modify content on smaller screens.


Today’s users do not want to be bothered with lengthy forms or emailswhere they have to pinch, swipe, or scroll. If you want them to respond to your call-to-action, you must respond with simplicity.


Email Marketing Response


To reach the consumer who demands response, email marketing must also adapt. A growing number of sales leads access their email inboxes from mobile devices. They will scan the contents and quickly delete anything that does not look relevant to their needs. After they open the email, they expect the contents of your message to be adapted to whatever device they are using. If it is not – they quickly send it to the trash bin.


If they find something that piques their interest, they will consume the emailed content and click to your webpage for more information. Clearly, a company that wants to be successful must make email marketing responsive.


• First Impressions: Your company wants to look progressive and technology smart. Recipients notice when you have taken the time to format nnd deliver email formatted to be responsive.

• User Experience:Don’t make your recipient scroll vertically and horizontally to see the whole page.

• Reduced Costs: With responsive design, a single HTML and CSS page covers all screen resolutions, optimizing content for all devices. It is no longer necessary to maintain a website for each one.

• One URL:Your branded page will now load faster and avoid redirections to your competitors.

• Increased Sales: Emails that are optimized for response yield higher results. A test was conducted by Europe’s largest independent telecommunications retailer, Phone House. In this study, half of the emails were optimized. The other half was sent without optimization. Phone House got 70% more sales from the optimized email users and avoided false clicks.


The growth of internet-connected devices will only grow in the future. Soon we will be responding to smart-watches and Google Glass. With CRM software that enables you to merge response web design into your email marketing you are ready to respond. You will look great on all manner of devices…maybe even the Starship Enterprise.