Email Marketing Alt Text And You

 Email Marketing Alt Text And You

We’re all familiar email programs
like Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird and others blocking images. When
you receive an email, the images are not displayed initially. It
looks like this:

Email Marketing Alt

The images that you labored over don’t
even show up. If the recipient of your email marketing message wants
to see the images, they can click the ‘Display Images’ link but,
of course, that’s rare.

This feature is most common with email
software programs like Outlook. Images are generally displayed by
default on iPhones and Android devices and even in Outlook, the
recipient can make that the default for all emails or emails from
selected senders.

With this mixed
bag of options, images are important in your email marketing messages
but, so is the text that appears in place of the image when not

In the example above, notice the text
“online CRM”, “SalesNexus logo” and “email marketing”.
That’s what’s called the “Alt Text”. It’s what appears in
place of the image if the images aren’t displayed.

Adding Alt Text is pretty easy in most
email marketing programs. It’s just an option you need to remember
to set when creating your email marketing campaign.

In SalesNexus, you just add the Image
Description (see example) when you’re adding the image and linking