Giving Meaning to Lead Generation

Prospect Lead GenerationSo much has been said about lead generation: how to do it, what not to do, tricks, and favorite tips. A few months back, The Huffington Post shared a detailed example of a cold call gone wrong. The sale though went wrong long before the conversation even started. The sale went wrong because it was in fact a cold call. Attempting to get a sale from a list will result in a very low success rate. Filling your list with meaningful leads though instead warms up your list. Finding warmer leads doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. Here are three easy ways to start:


Create Sharable Content:

This is likely the easiest way to multiply your leads like rabbits. By ensuring your emails and content are able to be shared by each reader, it gives them the potential to be seen by thousands. Each new person that knows of your business increases your chance of ending the sales call you place on a positive note. Since you’re not an unknown to them anymore, you’re more likely to receive more of their time.


Rely on Social Media Connections:

Make sure your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites have already “subscribed” to your business in some way. You likely have followers that are semi-interested in your business but aren’t current customers. Having them sign up via email with their contact information or something of the like will get nice warm leads on your list. Plus, not only does email automation makes new sales leads feel welcome but it puts leads on your list that are actually interested in your product.


Reach Out to Customers:

Word of mouth will continue to be the strongest marketing tool your business will ever encounter. For meaningful leads, turn this around. The sales rep in that Huffington Post article had a good idea; he just didn’t implement it very well. Talk to your customers about referring new customers to your business. If nothing else, this gives you a person in common with the potential new client so while the call is still a little cool, it’s not nearly as bad. Unlike asking a complete stranger for potential customer leads, you are asking a current customer that already really likes you. The new leads given to you are likely to be much stronger.


Meaningful lead generation can really be a turning point for your business. Quality should be valued over quantity. Calling 100 potential customers will only mean something if your business benefits in the end. How would you rather spend your 8 hour day? Hearing, “No, thank you,” over and over again or connecting with new customers who had heard of you before but have simply not gotten the chance to make contact yet and want to know more about what you do? What sounds better to you?


So nix the purchased sales lists and go out there, expand your business and put some meaning in your leads.


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