K.I.S.S. Method to Email Marketing

Your sales leads are crazy-busy.  They simply refuse to deal with anything complex.  If you force them to decode your message or make a decision without fully understanding, all interest comes to a screeching halt.  It is a perfectly normal human reaction to stress and overwhelm.


The simplicity of getting little nibbles of information over time is the “magic” of email marketing.  Chaotic business environments find sales leads overwhelmed.  The simpler you make the sales process, the more they will invite your message into their world.


Sales Leads Want a Response


While your sales lead resists any pitch to “buy your stuff”, they have a deep seated desire to feel wanted.  From early childhood, we begin crying for “Mama” to pay attention to what we are doing.  We really never outgrow that need.


Responding to their needs is marketing to that primal need to be heard and valued.  Email marketing is primarily a channel for letting your sales leads know that you “get them”.  When done well, it simply opens up a conversation with them.


Listen and Learn


In this digital age, there are multiple ways to listen to your current customers and sales leads:

Analyze sales lead behavior with your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

Build and engage your own community using social media

Create dashboards in your CRM that give you real-time statistics about what is working

Develop a “persona” of your ideal client and target every message to the composite of all your best clients.

Use a conversational tone in your message and invite feedback from the reader

Eliminate Complexity


Your job is to make things easier for the sales leads to choose your company.  Internet-enabled buyers may feel compelled to conduct endless research before making a decision.  With email marketing you have the ability to make the information gathering stage much easier.  Provide a way to minimize the frazzled sales leads effort and they will find your emails valuable.


Think about the struggle experienced by your sales leads and chunk those “pains” into small bits of aggravation the prospect experiences.  Address the tiniest segment of their need in a content piece and then make the useful content available with a click within your email.


Cumulative Effect of Email Marketing


It really is simple (and courteous) to listen to your customers and sales leads. Simple to address their concerns with information delivered with a conversational tone.  Also, simple to use CRM tools to monitor how the sales leads respond to your messages.


Email marketing is a major departure from the past manipulative sales methods.  It is much more simple, honest and helpful.  When your sales leads feel heard while reading your emails, it goes a long way to deepening the relationship and earning the sale.