Mobile Email Marketing – That’s Where the Money Is

We’ve borrowed an urban legend quoting “Slick Willie” Sutton. He was asked why he robs banks and is quoted to say “That’s where the money is.” The same statement applies if companies are asked why to focus marketing on mobile devices.

A recent study reported by Movable Ink reported that more than half of all email is accessed by mobile devices. In just one quarter of 2013, studies saw mobile use spike from 61 percent in the third quarter to 65 percent in the fourth.

It’s a Mobile Takeover…..

Commercial email has seen steep increases in open rates since mobile devices have become a preferred way of reading email. It is clear that more people will respond to email in the palm of their hand in the future.
This creates a huge opportunity for companies to reach customers – anytime, anywhere – on their mobile devices.

Expediency of Mobile Email

Beyond the anytime features of mobile email, the time spent reviewing individual emails is going down. The average time spent on each message is about 15 seconds. That tends to indicate a mobile device is an efficient screening tool. The competition to get their attention is fierce. Even if they decide to read it later on a desktop computer, the time you have to earn their attention is miniscule.
People want to interact with their email inboxes at their convenience. Being tethered to a desktop – even to handle complicated emails is becoming distasteful. People are more likely to be out and about when they take time to review their inbox, even if they are forced back to a desktop to complete tasks.

Eye-Opening Facts

The time spent on our smartphones is rarely used for talking. Instead, we text our friends, take and share pictures, update our social connections and read email.
  • According to Email Monday, “Mobile email will account for 15-70% of email opens, depending on your target audience, product and email type.”
  • Radicati Group forecasts that 1.779 million people will access their email via a mobile device in 2017.
  • A study by Acxiom Digital shows that 36% of survey respondents check email and texts before doing anything else after they wake up.
  • Google reports that 82% of smartphone users check and send email with their device.
While it is unlikely that handling email tasks will leave the desktop completely in the near future, too many factors are pushing us to work smarter. People are actively seeking ways to be productive without sitting at the desk. Email marketing has no choice but to adapt to the trends.
Review marketing goals and be certain that you have given an appropriate amount of attention to creating responsive design for your email marketing. Reach your customers on as many devices as you can. After all, that is where the money is.