5 Proven Tactics for Making Your Emails Shine

Email Marketing Planning  – The great children’s author Dr. Seuss once said “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Make this your email marketing philosophy.

email marketing planning
Just like you, your email readers get tons of emails each day. Most are standard email offers from business. How can you stand out from the pack?
Think of your emails as a pair of shoes. What gets noticed: a worn pair of shoes or a freshly polished pair? Here are 5 ways to give your emails that new-shoe shine:

1. Have a plan.

No email should be sent without a plan in place. What is the purpose of the email? A welcome email to new subscribers is different than a promotional or educational email.

Use workflows in your CRM software to create your plans. Pretend you are a football coach. Workflows are the playbook you create to score a touchdown and get conversions.
Think like your prospect. You don’t like run-of-the-mill emails, right? Neither does your prospect. A good way to stand out is a catchy subject line. Pique the reader’s interest.

2.Think about design.

Most of your readers will scan your email before they read it. Giant blocks of text is boring. Split up your text into smaller paragraphs to give the reader’s eyes a break.
Keep in mind that a lot of today’s readers use their Smartphone or tablet to check email. Use responsive design to assure your emails are optimized for mobile devices.
 Add an image to your email. Some people process information better when there is a visual stimulant involved. Experiment with infographics.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with HTML in your emails. Add some spice to your text by changing the color. The goal is to use design to break up the monotony of a solid block of text.

3.Give great advice.

Set yourself up as the go-to source of information for your niche. Take off your sales hat and put on your teaching hat. Educate your reader with some information they may not know about your industry.
This can be tricky. People don’t like to feel like they are being educated, but they do want to learn. Navigate this paradox with a conversational tone. Sound like a friend giving advice rather than a teacher giving a dry lecture.

4.Be unique.

Let your personality shine. Always keep in mind there is a person behind the email address.
Let your personality flow naturally. If you’re funny don’t be afraid to crack a joke. If you’re quirky, let it show. It makes your prospect feel at ease.
You are not an automated bot and your recipient isn’t either. Use the human connection to your advantage.

5.Be a friend.

Keep away from sales lingo. The biggest influencers in the lives of today’s customers are their friends.
Ask them about their needs. Find out what makes your prospect tick. Show them you care more about solving their problems than making a sale. This personal touch is what gives small businesses an advantage over big business.
Get your email to stand out with a great battle plan. Keep them engaged with good design. Have your next email anticipated by being unique, giving great advice, and being a trusted friend.
Your emails will be shining like a brand new pair of shoes in their inbox.