2 Reasons Why You Should NOT be Marketing to the Smartphone Crowd

According to research by Email Monday, between 15 and 70 percent of emails are opened on smartphones. The article giving this statistic gives lots of reasons to adapt your email marketing to reach these technology enabled users. However, there are some really bad reasons to reach out to smartphone users.

Two Bad Reasons

Wrong Target Audience: You simply cannot use the entire population of smartphone users and assume that they will respond to your email from the palm of their hands. Sure, there is a segment of the population that will be a great fit. Make sure that your expectations match the persona of your clients.

Traditional Survey Tools: If you want to get your finger on the pulse of smartphone users with a survey, make sure it takes no more than a few minutes. Reduce the length and quantity of information you need to collect or it may be a waste of time.

Two Good Reasons

Good news! Smartphones can provide your company with more usefulness than you would ever get from a desktop or laptop computer. Think about setting up marketing to do these two things: 

Multi-media Information: The ever-present smartphone makes it easy for users to provide you with photos, videos and geographical information to give you accurate information and unexpected insights.  

In-the-moment Feedback: The labor-intensive and costly process of getting accurate feedback from customers has another alternative with location based software that enables the user to provide it at the time of the customer experience. 


Adapting to Smartphones


The convenience of responding to email marketing at a time that fits the needs of the consumer is driving the need to make your emails responsive. What that means is your company needs to design each email to adapt to multiple devices

Making the email easy to read on a smartphone is much more than simply shrinking the size of the desktop email.