Sales Ready Starter Kit Rundown

We are often asked about our Sales Ready Starter Kit, and how it can help someone’s business.  For those that have not started pre-qualifying leads it can really get you on the right track, and help your sales team be more efficient with their time.


How does it work?


The Sales Ready Starter Kit is designed to get you a pre-qualified list of prospects in your industry to call on, as well as the tools to replicate the process.  We start by importing leads into your SalesNexus database that are in your targeted sector of B2B.  We then create 3 emails to send in a campaign to that list.  We take a look at the analytics after the campaign completes so you can call on those that clicked on one or all of the emails.  This warms up the lead for you so that when your sales team calls on them they know a little bit about what your company has to offer as well as how they fit into your business. We love infographics here at SalesNexus so we decided to make one that explains the process.


Sales Ready Starter Kit Infographic



Interested in having qualified leads?


Check out our Sales Ready Starter Kit Page to see the pricing as well as more information.