5 Reasons Salesforce is Overrated

by | Nov 1, 2011

Salesforce has done a good job of marketing themselves as a leader in the CRM industry. However, are they actually able to live up to their marketing? If you ask many of the people who’ve tried them but no longer use Salesforce, the answer is no.


The reason many people have been disappointed by Salesforce is because they’re:




A common complaint about Salesforce is that their platform is closed. When customers are paying a sizable amount of money to use a system that is vital to their business, they want to be able to use it in the environment that works best for their specific needs.
While this is a reasonable request, it’s not one that Salesforce respects.


Difficult to Customize


Not every business has the same sales process. In fact, most businesses have a unique sales process that they’ve tested over the years. As a result, different businesses need their CRM solutions to work in different ways.


If you want to be able to customize your CRM system to meet the specific needs of your business, you don’t want to choose Salesforce. Customers who’ve tried this platform but given up on it commonly bring up the fact that if you want to make even seemingly simple customizations, you will be forced to pay even more money.


Hard to Integrate


The point of a CRM system is to make your sales process even better. A quality CRM solution makes this possible through features like making your data accessible from anywhere and automating common tasks for you.


Because the point of a CRM system is to enhance your existing sales process, it should seamlessly integrate with your business. But because Salesforce is so closed and difficult to customize, many businesses find that this platform doesn’t integrate into what they already do. Instead, the addition of this CRM system means they have to waste time trying to do business a completely different way.


Full of Unexpected Fees


Assume a standard feature is included with your subscription? While there’s nothing unreasonable about expecting this, Salesforce members who have this expectation are commonly wrong.


The reason is this CRM platform is set up so you have to pay more for just about anything you want to do. In fact, many businesses have to pay to upgrade through five different levels to get the features they want!


Not Generous with Your Data


As more activity moves into the cloud, one important question that has been raised is who should own data that is stored in the cloud. Most responsible cloud companies believe that although they store this data, it ultimately belongs to the individuals or businesses who create it.


As a result of this belief, they make it as easy as possible for owners to access and even move their data. However, this isn’t the way Salesforce works. In addition to only offering access to a relational database, if you’re interested in receiving weekly backups, you’ll pay extra for a feature that’s free with many other CRM systems.


Instead of being treated poorly by Salesforce and its overpriced restrictions, we encourage you to see why more people than ever are choosing SalesNexus as their CRM!