Small Business Grows from Using Online Tools like CRM

Content and CRM Combine to Expand Client Base


Content marketing is changing the way small businesses interact with their prospects and current clients.  In a world where customers like to remain in control of the buying process, it is very easy for them to forget any business who serves them.  Having a good website is simply not enough in the consumer empowered marketplace.


More companies are moving toward having ongoing digital conversations with both their current clients and the “cold leads” who may have inquired using a web form.  Without a powerful CRM system, it is virtually impossible to keep track of everything needed to get their awareness…and eventually earn the sale.


Engaging with Blog Content


In an article by Cheryl Burgess discussing the Five Top 2013 Trends, she quotes a recent survey.  As you can see by the charts below, very small business benefits greatly by publishing to a blog.  You can get the full report here.


Capturing Prospective Clients with CRM


It isn’t enough to get loads of leads from your website and content development.  You must have a system for capturing data about the prospective client and follow a prescribed system for serving their needs based on actual data.
When you have set up your CRM to work at its maximum level, you will be able to identify the hottest leads for the sales team to address.  Leads that don’t qualify for immediate attention are placed into a nourishing environment to develop a relationship.


Relationship Building with Email


Because of the skeptic nature of today’s buying decision makers, email plays a critical role in cultivating prospective purchasers.  An integrated CRM and Email program makes the process much easier.


There are two primary reasons why email marketing works so well.  First, buyers today don’t trust what they are told by sales people.  Secondly, because of the plethora of information that is readily available on the internet, they also feel they should have all the facts before their decision.


Closing the Sale


No one would argue the fact that bottom line profits increase when sales people spend the bulk of their time with pre-qualified leads.  Before companies had powerful data gathering CRM programs, it was almost impossible to assure sales reps that a lead was truly worth their effort to contact.


With a fully developed CRM that is coupled with email marketing, it is not only possible…it becomes a major player in sales management and revenue projections.