Social CRM, SalesNexus and FullContact

by | Sep 7, 2016

SalesNexus, a well-established online CRM, email marketing, and lead generation provider, offers numerous features that allow users to get the most out of their sales CRM.  Not only does SalesNexus offer a solution to those who could use a tool for email marketing, marketing automation, lead generation and sales team management, but also allows complete customization of their CRM to fit their specific business needs.

In this video, Craig Klein (SalesNexus CEO) gives a brief overview of just one of the many features that this CRM offers: social CRM.  Knowing who your customer is beyond just their name and geographic location is vital to sales success.  By utilizing the power of social CRM, you have the ability to not only put a “face to a name”, but also give your team personal visibility to their clients, prospects, and other contacts.  Using a CRM that offers social media integration takes connecting with your customers to a completely new level.  With social media having hit maturity, it is almost necessary to connect it with the tools we already use to nurture our customer relationships.  Jill Konrath’s blog post “5 Ways To Use LinkedIn For Prospecting” has some great insight about the value of using social media for prospecting.

SalesNexus has integrated with, providing you with the ability to pull in social media information for your contacts automatically!  You simply input basic information (such as information found on a business card), and the database automatically pulls in the contact’s profile picture and their social media links such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.