Social Media Buttons in Email Marketing

Adding social media buttons into your emails can help spread your message further than you may have originally intended. Finding out how to do it requires some googling, and digging. I figured I would take all of those code snippets and combine them in one post so you can locate your social media buttons in one location for all of your email marketing needs.

Facebook Share Button

Give your email recipients the ability to share your content on Facebook with this button which I found on StackOverflow.

<a href="">Share</a>

Update the URL that we provided with the URL you would like your email recipient to share.

Twitter Tweet Button

Similar to the Facebook button, you can update the URL with the URL of your choice. The difference between the Facebook and Twitter button is that here you can also manipulate the text that the recipient will tweet by updating the text after the text= line. Also, you can have them give you a shout out by updating the Twitter handle by updating the text after via=. Put in your own Twitter handle so your audience will show you some love.

<a href=" is awesome&via=SalesNexus">Tweet</a>

LinkedIn Share Article Button

Have an article you would love to see your audience sharing? Add this LinkedIn share button which I found on Pure360, and you can start getting some LinkedIn exposure.

<a href=" Software and Email Marketing&summary=Article Summary Goes Here">LinkedIn Share</a>

Update the URL, Title, and Summary for your article, and you will be all set.

Google+ Share Button

Want to start growing your Google+ audience? This share button may be just what you need. Just like the Facebook button you can provide the URL you wish for your audience to share socially.

<a href="">Share</a>

Pretty cool huh? Try out these social buttons with your email marketing provider, or better yet you could try it out here with our Email Marketing solution. Enjoy your social media growth through your email marketing, and be sure to share this article yourself socially if you found it helpful.