The Importance of Email Marketing Tracking and Reporting

by | Dec 5, 2012

Email Marketing ROI is much easier to ascertain than traditional marketing efforts and thus should be implemented in order to measure the success of this marketing tactic. This is critical. If you aren’t measuring your marketing activity you won’t be able to prove its efficacy. You won’t know how many people opened or read your last email. You won’t know if anyone clicked through to your website and redeemed an offer or made a purchase. These things are not “good to know” they should be “need to know” information. Learn about more Email Marketing Best Practices.


Email Tracking & Reporting Improves Your Emails


When you are tracking the activity of your email recipients you can find out what your customers want to see. It allows you to test out different layouts, offers and even sending days/times in order to find the optimal time for your business to get in front of the most people and get read! If one email format doesn’t work well, then try another. If email open rates drop one day, try a different day. If you aren’t tracking your email marketing activity you will have no idea why your email marketing is “broken”. If you are currently using a desktop client such as MS Outlook or Thunderbird or Mac Mail to send out your email marketing you are missing out on critical information about your email audience.


Real Time Reporting For Email


With Email Reporting you can find out exactly who opened your email, who blocked your email and who ignored it. You can also find out exactly how many times they opened your email and what links they clicked or if they shared it with their friends via social media. Many good reporting systems are combined with Google analytics in order to track any sales that come from your email to your website.  This information is invaluable. You will be able to cater your messaging to those customers based on their activity and preferences.
Email marketing tracking and reporting is so easy and so important.  If you don’t currently use an email marketing solution we recommend you find one fast! It will save you frustration, mistakes and money!