Triggered Emails Coupled with CRM Integration Offer Value

Triggered Emails Coupled with CRM Integration Offer Value

Lead nurturing marketing automation is highly valuable to both your company and your sales leads.  Triggered emails are another way to engage your customers and learn more about what makes them happy.

Any number of things can trigger an automated email or email campaign.  Here are a few of them.


  • Offer thanks for subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a free report.  This is a perfect opportunity to set the tone of communication with your new sales lead.  Your purpose for offering a digital newsletter or eBook is to build a list of people who have some interest in your product or service.  To the prospective buyer, it gives them a chance to learn how you operate.




When you thank a new person who has opted into your list, be brief, sincere and informative.  Prepare them for what they can expect next.  If there are multiple steps such as opting in, then downloading the report, tell them each step in the thank you page.  Also, take the opportunity to make another offer to them.  Since a thank you email is the most likely type of email to be opened, introduce them to more of what you offer.

Ask for feedback about their purchases.  In a study covering travel brands, ClickZ found that using the word review in the subject line increased open rates.  People like to express their opinion and crave reading the opinion of others.  Make it easy for them to contribute feedback.  The invitation to speak up indicates you have confidence in your product or service.



While it takes a bit of courage to open your company to direct feedback, a triggered email is the safest way to get honest and open dialogue started.  If a customer has something negative to say in their feedback, what is the worst that could happen?


Often, responding to their concern can be the first step in earning increased trust.  Within an internal conversation, you learn more about what is not working and can correct it.  If they respond to your email with their concern, it is much better than learning they have aired their dissatisfaction on some other review site.

  • Offer incentives to those who recently purchased.  There are a number of ways to offer incentives these days.  Consider giving a recent customer a 1o percent discount on additional purchases made within 30 days.  Or make the same offer for simply ‘liking’ your business page on Facebook or sharing some informative content on their own Facebook timeline.  The options are endless.

When your CRM is integrated with your email marketing software you can literally use it to keep a finger on the pulse of your customer base.  One of the secrets of effective marketing these days is creating content that addresses the concerns of your sales leads and customers. 

Triggered emails are an outstanding way to stimulate conversations that inform your content.   They can help you put together a formula based on data to anticipate the “if I do this, I can expect that” type of question.  This level of integration is extremely valuable to everyone involved.