Unsolicited Bulk Email Can Wreak Havoc On Your Business

First things first, you need to know that unsolicited bulk email is the same as SPAM! You may be thinking that bulk email is a low cost, high profit margin advertising route for your business…well think again. Below I will address a few of the high costs of spamming.


Bulk Email – Inexpensive, Yet Costly


You may have heard that bulk email is cheap and thus alluring. Many small businesses that have small budgets fall victim to bulk email scams every day. They are promised to get their emails seen by thousands or millions of targeted customers for as little as $199. But the reality is, those lists are NOT targeted. These bulk email companies use software to scour the web and pull email addresses from a myriad of places with no correlation to your industry or product line. This is treading on dangerous ground.  Once the email goes out you may start receiving tons of emails, but not the kind you want. These will be from unhappy consumers who are tired and frustrated with spam. They will mark your email as spam and even report you for breaking the CAN-SPAM laws.


Bulk Email – You Make Lots of Money


The ads for bulk email companies promise that you’ll earn thousands from a small investment in their email lists. FALSE. Thousands of complaints is about all you will earn and you may even lose your Internet service provider and website hosting along the way.  It’s simply not worth it.


Bulk Email – It’s Acceptable


If you’ve made it to this point in the blog and still think unsolicited bulk email is acceptable then you have a wake-up call coming. Bulk email is completely unacceptable in the fact that it harms you, your business reputation and your audience.  Moreover, many states have instituted laws so that spammers can be sued for monetary collection on each individual email!
Moral of the story? Do yourself a favor and don’t send unsolicited bulk email! Instead send Permission Based Email Marketing and reap the value from people who want to hear from you!