Why Email Marketing is Customer Service

I know- kind of a stretch isn’t it?

For years I have been in some form of customer service. It has always been part of my job to make sure that someone else got what they needed. My first job out of high school was as a nurse’s aide in a nursing home. I took care of 13 ladies and gentlemen like they were family. I could contribute to their lives. As I moved into the corporate world, I learned that all decisions require information. I could provide that information so that decisions could be made. I could contribute to the business.
Now in working with customers on their CRM salesnexus, I get to contribute to the company I work for, the customer with a need, and my co-workers. Daily I strive to make it easier for customers to meet their goals. One of the big ways this works is helping them see that they are also in the Customer Service when they use email marketing.
Even if your department is Sales, you are in the position of contributing to someone else by explaining why your widget will improve their world. No one buys a widget they don’t need. So the better you communicate the solution to them the easier it is for them to fill that need. When you use your CRM to send emails, you have a choice to meet a need or to push a product. By pointing out a pain that the prospect may have and showing how to eliminate that pain, you have filled a need and sold your product. Being remembered as a solution is so much better than being remembered as an invoice. Email marketing is an important part of the cost of doing business, so making it a solution for that prospect, makes every sale a win-win.
Now, don’t get me wrong, you do have to sell your product. Very few people have a product that it is the only one on the market.. So there is competition. But you can go a long ways to setting yourself apart by making sure your emails are educating prospects and allowing prospects to see you in an industry expert position. The more you educate the buyer, the more you are in Customer Service.
 See that did not hurt at all!
Written By Kendra Banton