Why I Joined SalesNexus CRM and Email Marketing

Clients ask how I came to work for a Houston based company while living in the small Georgia town of Athens. Here’s my story:

My first exposure to the SalesNexus CRM program

I was the SalesNexus CRM administrator for the University of Georgia Conference Center and Hotel. We had 60 users for the CRM and 4 different business units. One of my jobs was to maintain the site and make any changes the user wanted.

With the flexibility of SalesNexus:

  • I could give the users the 240 fields that they requested. It allowed us to customize the database for 4 unique business units. This allowed them to share contacts and yet keep track of what they needed on any contact at the university.
  • We developed email templates for the users to send out to groups that attended a conference at the Conference center. It saved us lots of time because the templates could be modified and sent in less than 5 minutes.
  • Regular pipeline reports showed what conferences came in during the last 30 days. This was highly valuable information for management reports.

I was working at the University of Georgia for 5 years when the economy went downhill. There was a rumor that layoffs were coming.

One day Craig Klein, the President of SalesNexus called to tell me that my contact at SalesNexus had left. Craig’s call was to make sure the University’s transition would be a smooth one. I jokingly told him that was fine because rumors were that his contact (me) would be changing as well, it seemed that my whole department was being laid off.

Two days later, Craig called me back and asked me if I was being laid off. He wanted to know if so, would I be interested in working for SalesNexus. I enjoyed the software and jumped at the chance. Being a single income household, I needed to make sure I could meet my family’s needs. Two months later, I started working for SalesNexus, from my home in Georgia.
During the two years I have worked at SalesNexus, I have found the perfect home.

In every company I have ever worked for, I have always cared about the people I support both internal and external customers. In supporting SalesNexus customers, I get to help businesses use the online CRM to improve their lives.

My personal motto has always been: “It is my job to make your job easier, no matter who you are or what you do.” With the SalesNexus philosophy of: “Make the world a better place by helping businesses grow”, I get to do what I enjoy every day.

SalesNexus has allowed me to expand my ability to help others. I get to help design customer’s CRM with QuickStarts, create email templates, lead training sessions and lead the support staff to help all SalesNexus customers.

All our clients get my help to:

  • Set up fields in SalesNexus and work on the Layouts (still my favorite part of the job!
  • Create email templates for clients to send to their clients
  • Help clients run queries – Any data you put in the system, you can get out.

As you can tell, I like working with the software. I enjoy working for SalesNexus and I am looking forward to many more years supporting our Customers.