You Need to Say Goodbye to ACT Software

If you’ve been using ACT Pro for several years, you may feel like you’re better off sticking with it. Although it lacks many of the features you want, you may believe that making a change now is going to create more problems than benefits.
In reality, the worst thing you can do for your company is continue using ACT software. Doing so means you’re limiting what your company is capable of accomplishing.


The reason that ACT software is holding back your company is because it’s not:


In the Cloud


The Internet has changed the way that business is done. While this has been bad news for some industries who weren’t prepared for change, it should be great news for you.


The reason the impact of the Internet should be great for your business is because it means you can now access your most important information from anywhere. Whether you’re in your office, driving to a meeting or in another city, being able to store all your information online in the cloud means it’s always just a click away. This is true whether you’re using a desktop, laptop or cellphone.
However, you can only benefit from this instant connectivity if you’re using a CRM system that harnesses the cloud’s power. If you’re stuck using a system like ACT that relies on local storage, you’re putting yourself and the rest of your team at a major disadvantage.


Easy to Customize


While all businesses need customers, this doesn’t mean that every business has the same sales process. A business that sells to Fortune 500 companies is going to have a much different sales process than one that targets the SMB market.
Because different businesses have different sales processes, they also have different CRM needs. A feature that one business doesn’t require at all may be an absolute for another one.


Since your business has its own specific needs, you want a CRM that’s easy to customize. Unfortunately, what ACT provides is the complete opposite.


Able to Send Unlimited Email Blasts


More businesses are realizing the power of targeted emails. While spam is never going to be a smart tactic, emailing people who want to hear from you is a great way to build a strong relationship with potential and current customers.


While being able to send as many targeted emails as you want can significantly benefit your business, using ACT means you’re missing out on this opportunity since it’s not one of their features.


Optimized to Help You Automate Your Business


Once you understand how one of the processes in your business works, your goal should be to automate it. Although ACT makes it next to impossible to accomplish this goal, better CRM solutions make it possible for even non-technical people to reap the benefits of automating processes.


Capable of Tracking Email Campaigns


Not only do you want to be able to run email campaigns, but you want to be able to track their results. With ACT, neither is possible.
If you want a CRM system that actually helps your business instead of hindering it, it’s time to say goodbye.