Set up Click to Dial

You must first set up a Ring Central account.

Before you can set up Click to Dial in SalesNexus, you must first create an account with RingCentral.  To create an account, click here, press Get Started and register for RingCentral.

Getting Click to Dial set up in Salesnexus

1) Logon to your SalesNexus Database and click My Record

2) Next to your Phone Number, there is a link that says “call”, click that link

3) Fill out the form as follows

Calling: This will automatically be the number you are making a call to

Calling From: This is your local phone number, not the company central phone number

User Name:  This is your phone number, or the User ID you use when logging into RingCentral

Extension: This is the extension to your phone number if you have a company wide phone number

Password:  The password you use to log into your RingCentral Account

Caller ID Number:  The number that will come up on the persons caller ID that you are calling

Prompt:  If you want to be asked by RingCentral through the VOIP phone before a call is made select yes, if you want call to be made immediately select no

4) Click Save

You are now ready to begin using Click to Dial.  Go to a contacts page which you would like to call and click Call next to the phone number you wish to dial.  When you click call, you will receive a call from Ring Central.  Answer this call and you will be prompted to press 1 to complete call, press 1.  The call will then be made.