8 Powerful Ways to be Seductive with Email Marketing

Great email marketing software is just the beginning. If you want to produce sales results, you must develop email campaigns that seduce and engage the recipient. After all, the buyer may want to become educated and informed…but they don’t want to be given an education. I know, that sounds very conflicted. Email marketing is best … Continue reading

3 Tactics Your Sales Process Can Learn from Online Dating

Developing profitable business B2B relationships is more than landing a sale. It is a continuous journey that begins with buyer interest, evaluation and purchase. The relationship continues with the customer’s experience with your product or service. Just like any long term relationship, it takes a great deal of understanding to meet the buyer’s needs at … Continue reading

Don’t Ignore Your Clients and Sales Leads – RESPOND

A wall that bends as I approach? Did I just wake up on the Starship Enterprise?!   Technology that responds to humans is rapidly becoming commonplace. Your clients and sales leads expect you to adapt your communication to fit them, their activities and even the devices used.   Responsive Design   Responsive architecture is more … Continue reading

Better Open and Click Through Rates – In Living Color

Click Through Rates – It was February 14, 2005 in San Mateo, California. YouTube was founded and the world recognized that video has power. Shortly after that, marketers started trying to ramp up their email marketing using the obvious power of video. The early years were tough. Video equipment was expensive and required significant expertise. … Continue reading

Don’t Expect Your Salespeople to Close Lousy Leads – Be Nurturing!

Good marketing in today’s internet saturated business environment can easily get far more leads than your sales team can adequately process to a transaction. Nevertheless your sales people constantly complain that the leads are worthless. Sorry to tell you this…but the salespeople are right.  Most of the leads you generate are junk if you don’t … Continue reading

LeadFerret Contacts For Your SalesNexus Database

LeadFerret Contacts  – SalesNexus is a wonderful system for taking your sales process, and optimizing it.  One of the struggles many have when getting started with email marketing is the lack of leads to reach out to. LeadFerret This is why we partnered with  LeadFerret is a business to business database of contacts.  One … Continue reading

Words from an 18 year old Olympian that Can Transform Your Business

Business is competitive. To survive the ever-changing demands of your business you want to reach out and grab anything that will help you achieve your goals. It is important that you gather what you need and implement a strategy that will help you achieve your goals. The quoted comments below are from Mikaela Shiffrin. They … Continue reading

Valid Reasons Why Most of Your Sales Leads are a Total Waste of Money

Getting sales leads using internet tools has become relatively easy. So why are sales conversions lagging so far behind? The simple answer is that sales organizations have not yet adapted to the way people buy today.    Vast Numbers of Potential Sales Leads   The tools for marketing on the internet are proven. Choose from … Continue reading

3 Ways Your Email May be Like a Striptease that leads to Frustration

You may arouse your reader’s interest with provocative headlines and promises…but if you are not responsive – email recipients may still click away. The internet-enabled buyer has many demands and expectations. Chief among those mandates is the demand to be responsive to them. Respond to the device Your average prospect has multiple devices for reading … Continue reading

Mobile Email Marketing – That’s Where the Money Is

We’ve borrowed an urban legend quoting “Slick Willie” Sutton. He was asked why he robs banks and is quoted to say “That’s where the money is.” The same statement applies if companies are asked why to focus marketing on mobile devices. A recent study reported by Movable Ink reported that more than half of all … Continue reading