Kicking Your CRM Skills Into High Gear

Learning a new CRM can be a daunting task.  That is why we created a video series that will give all new users the information they need to navigate SalesNexus.  Below you will find that video series.  Each video is only a minute or two long.  If you take the time to watch these videos … Continue reading

How can I make your job easier

“Our mission is to help businesses grow because we believe that better businesses make better communities, families, employees and customers.” That is the mission statement for SalesNexus, which is one of the reasons I love working here. That mission statement is very close to my own mission statement that I have had in place for … Continue reading

5 Secret Weapons – Perfect for Email Marketing in a Small Business

Traditional advertising is out of the question for small business. It always has been. The average super bowl ad costs 4 million dollars for a 30 second commercial. Let that sink in for a moment…4 million dollars!!! Even regular television spots cost thousands of dollars. With this kind of cash being spent on TV ads, … Continue reading

5 Proven Tactics for Making Your Emails Shine

Email Marketing Planning  – The great children’s author Dr. Seuss once said “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Make this your email marketing philosophy. Just like you, your email readers get tons of emails each day. Most are standard email offers from business. How can you stand out from the pack? … Continue reading

4 Ways Email Marketing is Like Therapy

Have you ever thought about how email marketing is like therapy in digital marketing? The purpose of both is to discover issues and strive to meet the needs of the customer.  Put the Customer First Just like a therapist, good email marketing is built on trust. A sound relationship alleviates the reader’s distrust. When your … Continue reading

2 Reasons Why You Should NOT be Marketing to the Smartphone Crowd

According to research by Email Monday, between 15 and 70 percent of emails are opened on smartphones. The article giving this statistic gives lots of reasons to adapt your email marketing to reach these technology enabled users. However, there are some really bad reasons to reach out to smartphone users. Two Bad Reasons Wrong Target … Continue reading

Why Email Marketing is Customer Service

I know- kind of a stretch isn’t it? For years I have been in some form of customer service. It has always been part of my job to make sure that someone else got what they needed. My first job out of high school was as a nurse’s aide in a nursing home. I took … Continue reading

HTML5 Video For Email Marketing

Spice Up Your Emails   Video content can really add some flavor to your emails.  HTML5 allows us to embed videos straight into the email for viewing.  The two major email clients that have jumped on the HTML5 bandwagon are iPhone,iPad, and Apple Mail.  So if you open your email on an apple product your … Continue reading

Email Marketing in a Gmail Driven World

Gmail recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. As one of the top email providers, addressing them in terms of email marketing seemed like a good idea. Gmail has taken long strides since its first launch. Not only has it created fiercely accurate spam filers and made the word “unsubscribe” practically pop off of user’s screens … Continue reading

Creating Your First Email Campaign In SalesNexus

Getting started with any new system for email marketing can be difficult.  There are a lot of moving parts. That is why we put together this 3 part video series for you.   Workflows In the first video I will walk you through setting up a workflow for your campaigns.  Your workflow can be thought … Continue reading