Making The Call – Video Series

Making The Call So we created an email campaign from our starter kit video series.  Now it is time to call on those prospects that showed interest, in order to qualify them further.  For this we bring in Michael Halper to discuss making the call. Here’s the entire Starter Kit Video Series: Lead Generation Starter … Continue reading

Writing The Email – Video Series

Writing The Email For some writing the email is the hardest part.  We go through a simple process to making your email campaigns personal, and informative for the lead. Here’s the entire Starter Kit Video Series: Lead Generation Starter Kit Intro Finding Content for your Emails Writing the Emails Making the Call

Sales Ready Lead Starter Kit Video Series‏

Sales Ready Starter Kit Intro Starter Kit Getting warm leads to your sales team can often be a difficult challenge.  At SalesNexus we are aware of the struggle, so we came up with the Sales Ready Starter Kit.  It is a service that we provide which gets 3 emails out so you can start driving … Continue reading

Finding Content For Your Email Marketing Campaign

Finding The Content We know that not every company has content creators on staff, but that does not mean that you can’t create content driven email campaigns.  If you have great content on hand or need help finding some, this video will help as we take our second step towards creating our Sales Ready Starter … Continue reading

Smartphones…not just for texting anymore

Smartphones have become an important driver of sales success.   At your office, the local coffee shop, or out to dinner at your favorite restaurant, look around…someone is using their smartphone. And more and more often, a purchase is being made.   According to eMarketer, one in five consumers will make a purchase in 2014 … Continue reading

Email Marketing Benchmarks for Open and Click Rates

The foundation of gauging the success of your email campaigns in the dashboards set up in your CRM software. With email marketing, it’s important to consistently monitor what has been opened and when the readers click on a link to learn more.   Most companies set up dashboards to create benchmarks for opens, clicks, conversions … Continue reading

3 Ways to Stop Delusional Explorers from Destroying Your Sales Process

Throughout human history, people have been driven to explore the unknown. We have an involuntary compulsion to discover new things and push the boundaries of what science and technology offer us. Today’s buyers often use the exploration of the internet as a delusional escape from using the expertise of your company in their buyer journey. … Continue reading

Email Marketing is Much More than “Mad Men” with Computers

The primary reason why companies fail in their email marketing campaigns is the fact that nothing is new in their message. They use a powerful, modern email delivery system to send promotional messages that are similar to the traditional advertising used more than a decade ago. Those with an extremely technical mindset are the worst. … Continue reading

Craig Klein Speaks At Email World

Craig Klein speaks at email world about the power email marketing can have on your sales funnel Digital Marketer puts on some of the best conferences on digital marketing I know of. I was honored to be a speaker at the recent Email World conference, in September of 2013.   The conference was packed with … Continue reading

Sales Ready Starter Kit Rundown

We are often asked about our Sales Ready Starter Kit, and how it can help someone’s business.  For those that have not started pre-qualifying leads it can really get you on the right track, and help your sales team be more efficient with their time.   How does it work?   The Sales Ready Starter … Continue reading