5 Time-Tested Ways to get Your Sales Leads to Trust You

Sales Leads Trust -The internet has amped up customer mistrust to the typical salesperson. The customer thinks of a slick haired and smooth talking man who would do anything to make a sale. The new buyers refuse to be manipulated. Sales Leads Trust – How does your company change the prospect’s feelings? SMB’s (small to … Continue reading

There’s No “I” in Team: The Big Benefit of CRM Software

Think of sales as a sport. It has always been seen as an individual effort. Members of the same “sales team” often compete against each other for sales. They focus on themselves and don’t care much about their colleagues. CRM software puts the team back in teamwork. It provides the hub necessary for effective communication, … Continue reading

How to Coach Your Sales Leads and Win the Sales Game

Coach Sales Leads -Behind every great athlete is a great coach. Imagine your sales leads as a team and your company as their coach. To begin, you want to get the leads ready for each game both mentally and physically. When they win, you win too. Being fully invested in your client’s success is the … Continue reading

Getting some positive reviews from the BBB Houston

BBB Online CRM and Email Marketing Integration One of our many awesome clients that are based out of Houston is the Better Business Bureau of Houston.  They have an interesting backend system which compiles information about prospective BBB accredited businesses, and they needed an online CRM that integrated with that data. After trying a couple … Continue reading

What Benjamin Franklin Can Teach You about an Email Marketing Plan

Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This couldn’t be truer when it comes to email marketing campaigns. Think of your email campaign as a general thinks of a war. Success hinges upon a well thought out plan with clearly defined goals. Your team members are your trusted … Continue reading

The Power of Influence: Where Social Media Fits In Your CRM Strategy

Ten years ago email was the only form of social media. Handheld mobile devices were primarily owned by businesspeople, with email access as their main function. Today’s society is much different. Nearly everyone owns a smartphone. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have changed the way we use the Internet. Facebook is no … Continue reading

Can You Put Your Email Marketing on Autopilot?

Can You Put Your Email Marketing on Autopilot?

Have you ever fallen for the scheme of ambitious marketers who say you can “set it and forget it” with marketing automation? That’s OK, you don’t have to raise your hand. There are many, many benefits of marketing with email campaigns that have been automated within your CRM and email marketing platform. No doubt about … Continue reading

Email Marketing: 8 Best Practices to Consider

Email Marketing: 8 Best Practices to Consider

Email Marketing Best Practices – Email marketing has evolved significantly over the last decade. It has the capability to become one of the strongest tools in your marketing toolbox when utilized correctly. A recent survey by iContact tells us that small businesses are spending the largest percent of their marketing budgets on email.  Email marketing … Continue reading

End the Battle – Is Effective Email Marketing an Art or Science?

End the Battle - Is Effective Email Marketing an Art or Science?

Some marketers say email marketing is an art. Others say email marketing is a science. The reality is it’s a combination of both. You have to think like an artist to create engaging email marketing campaigns. Yet, campaigns can fall flat without the scientist analyzing data. CRM software makes it simple to embrace both the … Continue reading

7 Steps to Responsive Email that Captures Buyers Early in the Buying Cycle

Email that reaches a variety of mobile devices can boost your ability to reach buyers early in the buying cycle. Marketers have researched industry statistics and learned that 50% of today’s emails are opened on mobile devices. With 294 billion emails sent each day, companies have no choice but to adapt to the buyer trends … Continue reading