7 Steps to Responsive Email that Captures Buyers Early in the Buying Cycle

Email that reaches a variety of mobile devices can boost your ability to reach buyers early in the buying cycle. Marketers have researched industry statistics and learned that 50% of today’s emails are opened on mobile devices. With 294 billion emails sent each day, companies have no choice but to adapt to the buyer trends … Continue reading

5 Ways to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your CRM Software

The purchase of a CRM software is only the beginning of the Customer Relationship Management journey. More planning is needed to use the software to its full potential. No one likes change – it can seem overwhelming to learn the new system. CRM software is designed to make relationship management easier. Don’t let the learning … Continue reading

Sales Success with CRM Software as a Sales Coaching Device

The success of a business relies solely on the competence of the salespeople. Even the best strategies can fail if the sales team doesn’t enforce the strategy to the best of their ability. One problem many businesses face is the lack of sales coaching. What salespeople do is often quite different than what the sales … Continue reading

Video Voicemail in Email Marketing Case Study

The Voicemail Abyss Voicemails….  Do you ever feel your message is never heard when you leave one?  I know I did, so I started searching for alternatives. “We are an email provider” I said. “Surely we can find a way to resolve voicemails with email.”  That is when I stumbled upon an article from … Continue reading

How to Craft Compelling Email Campaigns Without Being Good at Writing

In the digital world content is king. Today’s customer is like a sponge ready to soak up any information they can find. Companies feel a great deal of pressure to create content that informs, educates and ultimately compels the prospect to purchase. To those who are not confident writers the creation of an email campaign … Continue reading

Lead Generation: Work Smarter not Harder

Leads are the fuel required to keep a marketing campaign afloat. It is the most important, and often the most difficult, aspect of a campaign. How do you get a constant flow of quality leads?   Lead generation is about working smarter – not harder. Think of prospecting for gold. You don’t go out and … Continue reading

Kicking Your CRM Skills Into High Gear

Learning a new CRM can be a daunting task.  That is why we created a video series that will give all new users the information they need to navigate SalesNexus.  Below you will find that video series.  Each video is only a minute or two long.  If you take the time to watch these videos … Continue reading

5 Secret Weapons – Perfect for Email Marketing in a Small Business

Traditional advertising is out of the question for small business. It always has been. The average super bowl ad costs 4 million dollars for a 30 second commercial. Let that sink in for a moment…4 million dollars!!! Even regular television spots cost thousands of dollars. With this kind of cash being spent on TV ads, … Continue reading

5 Proven Tactics for Making Your Emails Shine

Email Marketing Planning  – The great children’s author Dr. Seuss once said “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Make this your email marketing philosophy. Just like you, your email readers get tons of emails each day. Most are standard email offers from business. How can you stand out from the pack? … Continue reading

4 Ways Email Marketing is Like Therapy

Have you ever thought about how email marketing is like therapy in digital marketing? The purpose of both is to discover issues and strive to meet the needs of the customer.  Put the Customer First Just like a therapist, good email marketing is built on trust. A sound relationship alleviates the reader’s distrust. When your … Continue reading