Giving Meaning to Lead Generation

So much has been said about lead generation: how to do it, what not to do, tricks, and favorite tips. A few months back, The Huffington Post shared a detailed example of a cold call gone wrong. The sale though went wrong long before the conversation even started. The sale went wrong because it was … Continue reading

4 New Ways to Sell to Your Constantly Connected Sales Leads

Today’s sales leads are not at all like the ones only a few years back. They are constantly connected, tech-savvy and ego-centric. Because they know how to research, review and compare prices before making a purchase, they are in control of the buying process. They will remain in control for the foreseeable future, so your … Continue reading

3 Powerful Ways to Maximize Automation in Your Email Marketing

Maximize Automation -Email marketing has been around for a very long time. In the early days, marketers used the “batch and blast” method of reaching potential customers. Because the recipients were happy to read their email when it came in small quantities, those early marketers were quite successful. As email inboxes became flooded, prospective buyers … Continue reading

10 Ways to Avoid Common Email Marketing Mistakes in 2014

Email marketing has always had critics. These skeptics will tell you all the reasons why the email marketing channel will eventually fizzle out. However, recent studies have shown the average return on investment in email marketing to be anywhere from $32 to a whopping $44.25 for each dollar invested. If you are not yet experiencing … Continue reading

One Single Requirement for Success in Email Marketing

Email Marketing Success – Email has been around a very long time and lacks the sexy appeal of social media like Pinterest, Instagram or the aging appeal of Facebook. Since the beginning of email marketing, people have claimed that it was destined to fail. According to a recent study by Custora, customer acquisition using email … Continue reading

Perfecting Your CRM by Learning from Secret Shoppers

The root of CRM is customer service. You wouldn’t need software or systems to help manage your customer database if you didn’t care about customer service. But you do care. Your business cares. So in order to perfect your CRM, you have to start at the beginning: the customer. To know what’s best for your … Continue reading

5 Valid Reasons Why CRM Software Can be a Waste of Money

Few companies can survive without CRM software for Customer Relationship Management. But all too often, companies are wasting money on a full-blown system with amazing features and functionality, then they let the implementation fail. All-in-all, they only use it as a somewhat advanced contact manager. It is terrible to have powerful CRM software that is … Continue reading

When Easy Data Acquisition Can Be a Bad Idea

When Easy Data Acquisition Can Be a Bad Idea You’ve heard all the “buzz” about how profitable email marketing has become in today’s business environment.  You need people to email.  You want to get a list of sales leads quickly and cheaply too.  This mindset of desperation can actually work against you. Common Email List … Continue reading

The Dirty Truth about a Clean Database

The Dirty Truth about a Clean Database You can’t trust all the data sources available.  Whether you obtain your lists from an online source or a new staff member, you need to take precautions to protect the cleanliness of the data.  Otherwise, the clutter of old data or the risk of spam traps can jeopardize … Continue reading

Email Marketing Alt Text And You

 Email Marketing Alt Text And You We’re all familiar email programs like Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird and others blocking images. When you receive an email, the images are not displayed initially. It looks like this: The images that you labored over don’t even show up. If the recipient of your email marketing message wants to see … Continue reading