Email Marketing & Social Media Best Practices

Email Marketing and social media marketing can be utilized in similar ways to help a business reach their marketing goals. Some of the best uses of both social media and email marketing are: Grow your marketing reach and prospect/customer base Create engagement through timely call to action messages (special discount, free trial, limited time offer) … Continue reading

Facebook Takes CRM to a New Level

What does customer relationship management (CRM) do for your business? It saves you money since finding new customers is expensive. Maintaining and growing the relationship with current customers is paramount. It gives your business information on what customers are looking for. By managing the relationships with your customers, you can better serve their changing wants … Continue reading

4 Creative Email Marketing Ideas

Don’t Let Your Email Marketing Get Stagnant You have a list, a group, of loyal followers who have agreed to receive your emails on a regular basis. Good job! You may be thinking that the hard part is over, right? Not so. The fun has just begun. Now that you have the fans, you need … Continue reading

The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals – New Houston Chapter

The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) Launches a New Houston Chapter SalesNexus has the privilege of hosting the inaugural meeting for AAI-ISP Houston in our offices on Thursday, October 11. SalesNexus has partnered with Launch Pad Solutions to create the AA-ISP’s first Houston Chapter. This inaugural event will be held on Oct. 11, … Continue reading

Email Marketing vs. Direct Mail

Email Marketing versus Direct Mail: Which to Use?   Whether you are launching a new small business or are a large established business refining your marketing mix, a common question stands before you: Email or Direct Mail? Maybe you’ve used one relentlessly throughout the years, but are looking for an avenue to reach more people. … Continue reading

The Customer Is Always Right

It does not take working years and years in retail to come across this age old saying or to understand its meaning. “The customer is always right.” Period. It goes right along with the law of being innocent until proven guilty. The greater majority of your customers are honest people just trying to get a … Continue reading

What is Permission Based Marketing?

Permission-Based Marketing Uncovered   If you are a marketer, permission-based marketing should be a well-understood and applied practice. However, for those just getting into marketing it’s helpful to gain a basic understanding of what permission-based marketing is and what it is not in order to keep current customers and attract new customers in a respectful … Continue reading

4 Steps to Improving Email Marketing Lead Generation

Email marketing is becoming more of a challenge as more and more messages are landing in inboxes – and being deleted. Set yourself apart with an improved e-mail marketing campaign. Focus on these 4 areas of your email marketing efforts and improve your lead generation results. Design The design of your email is important. Keep … Continue reading

How To Build Email Marketing Lists With Social Media

5 Easy Steps – How To Build Email Marketing Lists with Social Media Most people are familiar with using their website to gather emails, sign people up for newsletters and offer freebies in exchange for emails. But fewer people are actually using their social media presence to further grow their email marketing lists. Social media … Continue reading

When To Send Email Marketing Campaigns

Determining the Best Day and Frequency to Send your Email Marketing Campaign   The two biggest questions email marketers who are just getting started ask are how often to send emails and when to send email campaigns.  These are important questions to answer because no matter how great your emails, if they are sent at … Continue reading