The Importance of Email Marketing Tracking and Reporting

Email Marketing ROI is much easier to ascertain than traditional marketing efforts and thus should be implemented in order to measure the success of this marketing tactic. This is critical. If you aren’t measuring your marketing activity you won’t be able to prove its efficacy. You won’t know how many people opened or read your … Continue reading

What CEOs Should Know about CRM (Part 1 of 4)

Get Your Best Sales People to Love CRM   Front-line sales people are known for resisting new software.  The best system can be rendered pretty well worthless if you can’t get the users to adopt it.  That is why the best CRM software is designed by sales people…for sales people.  Far beyond the needs of … Continue reading

How To Choose CRM Software

Picking the right CRM software partner is critical for long-term CRM success. The first question you should be asking is what are my business goals. Establishing your business goals will help you weed through all the options available with CRM systems to determine what your business truly needs. Do you simply need contact management?  Do … Continue reading

Email Marketing: Formatting Do’s and Don’ts

Email marketing has advanced to be a perfect combination of low cost marketing, technology infused outreach and social networking. It can easily take on a bad reputation by being classified as bulk email or even worse spam, but with the proper content and formatting, what once would have been seen as “just another worthless message” … Continue reading

Advantages of Mobile CRM Software

5 Reasons You Need Mobile CRM Software   The world is going mobile, and your sales team should too. Sales people are on their phones and on the road constantly pounding the pavement to build relationships and grow sales. There’s no reason your CRM software shouldn’t go with them.  Smart phones are the way of … Continue reading

CRM & Email Marketing

Why Bundle CRM & Email Marketing?   The question we have been asking at SalesNexus is why not bundle CRM & Email Marketing services. For too long these two entities have been necessary, yet separate.  Why wouldn’t you want to be able to track leads and data from sales and implement a new email outreach … Continue reading

Unsolicited Bulk Email Can Wreak Havoc On Your Business

First things first, you need to know that unsolicited bulk email is the same as SPAM! You may be thinking that bulk email is a low cost, high profit margin advertising route for your business…well think again. Below I will address a few of the high costs of spamming.   Bulk Email – Inexpensive, Yet … Continue reading

5 Things A Business Owner Should Know About CRM

It’s fair to say that business owners shouldn’t get bogged down in the details of their CRM system. That’s the sales managers job. However, there are a few things every business owner, from a CEO to a SMB owner should know before committing to a new CRM system.   So What Are The 5 Things … Continue reading

Permission Based Email Marketing – Permission is Not Optional!

Permission Based Email Marketing – A No Brainer   The old adage, “It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission” doesn’t hold in email marketing.  Email marketing is a very personal medium unlike TV, print and radio. Emails are delivered personally, to you, just like a call to your cell phone. And nobody likes telemarketers, right? … Continue reading