3 Reasons to Set up Metrics in Your Online CRM

Pressure to set up metrics in your online CRM is constant.  You have heard time and again that a company must measure more than just opens and clicks in the email marketing service.  Don’t do it unless you are clear on the reasons why there is so much buzz about metrics and data collection.   … Continue reading

3 Counterintuitive Ways to have Meaningful and Relevant Email Campaigns

We live in a world where quick and easy is normal behavior.  Although it may be considered normal, it cannot be the way  relevant  email campaigns are designed and delivered. These days, important meetings often include someone with their smart phone under the edge of the conference table.  Some otherwise professional salespeople may type an email … Continue reading

5 Profound Ways Your CRM Software Can Rock Your World

If you are like most of us, you are scrambling for a way to reach the new buyer.  The old marketing methods are simply a waste of money.  The older “new” marketing methods like SEO and PPC are becoming more like a gambling with your money.  And the promises made by people touting the “next … Continue reading

Tried and True Army Tactics to Use in Your CRM Software

Q: How can you effectively lead prospects through your sales process to become a loyal customer and how can CRM software help?    CRM Tactics – Implement a strategy used by the U.S. ARMY they call the After Action Review process.   Major R. Kennedy outlines the doctrine of the After Action Review process (AAR) … Continue reading

5 Steps to Engaging Email Marketing Automation

Most business is hyper-aware of the fact that email marketing automation is a wonderful tool in today’s marketplace.  Yet, an email marketing campaign implemented poorly is often a waste of time.  For many companies, the mystery of success is elusive and causes them to simply procrastinate. How can email marketing software engage customers and prospects? … Continue reading

How Do You Love Your Email Marketing? Let’s Count the Ways!

Email marketing is loved by many small to mid-sized companies because of the wildly profitable returns on investment (ROI) compared to other forms of marketing. Yet many other companies resist implementing an email marketing campaign at all.  The resistant company may see the practice as annoying spam.  We all hate spam.  Don’t do it. Instead, … Continue reading

How an Online CRM Can Give Your Company ESP

The attitude of today’s sales lead is a far cry from the ones we worked with just a few years ago.  They make it tough on the best sales teams with all the best technology like mobility computing, online CRM, email marketing and everything.  Either they don’t want to talk to a salesperson because they … Continue reading

3 Steps to Boost Sales Conversions with Email Blast Software

Pop Question:  What is the goal of an automated email blast software campaign? Lots of answers may quickly come to mind and most of them would have to do with conversions, sales and increased revenue.  That mindset can blow you off track of the most effective use of marketing automation. None of those things are … Continue reading

Online CRM Drives 5 Stages of Customer Relationships

Everything has changed in the world of sales.  What is driving this rapid change is the attitude of the consumer.  With the customer in charge of the sales process, the only way to follow their lead is to use tools in an online CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).   5 Stages of Customer Relationship   Experts … Continue reading

4 Glaringly Obvious Signs of Bad Email Marketing

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you have been hearing about the marvelous results some companies are experiencing with marketing automation that uses targeted email campaigns.  Just a few years ago, many were predicting the doom of email marketing because consumers have moved to internet search.  The reality is literally the opposite … Continue reading