Email Marketing Goes Straight to the Heart of Sales

Paid digital advertising is typically focused on getting people to click on the ad and make a purchase.  Email marketing is about building a growing list of email subscribers that position you to organically grow your business.  It is not hard to imagine which method is most successful in the long term.   Benefits of … Continue reading

4 Critical Ways Your Marketing Automation Develops Trust

The words “Marketing Automation” often bring back memories of the dry, impersonal emails you have received.  You probably hate it when you get an email that has obviously auto-populated your name, yet talks about something that would NEVER entice you to purchase from the company.  Lazy marketing automation can actually drive potential customers away from … Continue reading

More Marketing Automation = More Savvy Buyer Response

It’s the Personalization Stupid! That’s right, marketing automation can (and should) lead to more personalized communication.  If you are not currently using your CRM software for marketing automation, you may think I am crazy for making such a dubious statement.  You may ask, “How in the world can creating an automated email campaign be more … Continue reading

Announcing the Sales Growth Hub

We’re happy to announce that SalesNexus has partnered with, and many other providers of marketing services, sales training, lead generation, digital marketing, web design, copy writing and more to form the!   The vision for is to provide a one-stop hub where businesses can get all of their sales and marketing needs filled from … Continue reading

What Pro Comedians Teach You about Email Marketing

Despite what you have been told by companies promising you a “set it and forget it” approach to email marketing, you must continually improve your email campaigns to see improved revenue numbers.  All forms of marketing require you to adapt to the buying public.  Traditional marketing on and off line requires agility and constant change.  … Continue reading

Email Marketing Dashboards Allow You to See the Hump on Your Back

Email Marketing Dashboards – Every day is a rush.  There is so much to be done and the day-to-day tasks tend to absorb all our focus.  If we don’t have well-designed email marketing dashboards to watch our back, we can easily miss important information about our recipients. Measuring Email Campaigns Massive increases in email technology … Continue reading

How Online CRM is Like a Love Note to Your Customer

Although the British-American band Foreigner burst on the music scene with the 1984 ballad, “I Want to Know What Love Is”, they were not talking about marketing your business.  However, the lyrics give us a few lessons in love that apply to marketing automation success and how to use online CRM.  Better Read Between the … Continue reading

Measure Twice, Cut Once in Online CRM and Marketing Automation

With the ever-shifting business environment of today, it can sometimes be hard to justify taking the time to carefully measure, deliberately strategize and consistently review our marketing automation using online CRM.    In fact, in the digital world, many would say that data is everywhere and the cost of making changes is low…so maybe it … Continue reading

Email Marketing Bandwagon

Should You Trade in Email Marketing for the Social Media Bandwagon? The Millennial Generation has paved the way to a hot marketing craze: social media. Businesses everywhere are shifting their budget to accommodate for these new marketing outlets. Things like Twitter handles and Facebook pages are swarming the internet and new job titles like Social … Continue reading

2 Important Email Marketing Lessons Learned from Gifts Received

When a sales lead opens your email marketing, you want them to feel like they are receiving a gift from you.  If you provide information they need, it truly is a gift.  It can save them time, educate them about making a good purchase decision or tell them insider secrets about how your industry works.  … Continue reading