Use Your Online CRM to Get Out of Line

Talk to many sales organizations about the sales process and they will refer to the “sales funnel” and sometimes how they try to track it in their online CRM.  The process described as the sales funnel has never been linear and today’s customers are bending the process in every way.  In a socially connected environment, … Continue reading

Email Automation Makes New Sales Leads Feel Welcome

Unless you were raised in a barn, your mother probably taught you a few important ways to be polite to people you meet for the first time.  So…why do so many businesses fail when it comes to email automation???   Jeff Bezos summed it up when he said, “E-mail has some magical ability to turn … Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Someone Might Mark Your Email as Spam And 3 Ways to Prevent it From Happening…

Being reported as a “Spammer” is serious.  It can easily damage your sales automation efforts.  Even if you are legitimate in your email automation efforts, if you send enough emails…you will eventually be reported. Since the remedy to a report of spam involves suffering through a “guilty until proven innocent” process, you want to do … Continue reading

Email Marketing with Outlook? 7 Critical Reasons Why You Don’t Want To

We don’t want to bash MS Outlook.  It’s a good email program.  It is fine for communicating with individuals and small groups who know each other.  It SUCKS as an email marketing program.  There are so many reasons why.  It is missing a ton of features you must have for your email campaigns.  It cannot … Continue reading

3 Potentially Fatal Mistakes Sales Teams Can Make

Our economy is on the upswing in most parts of the U.S.  That does not mean the phrase used by John F Kennedy in 1963 will apply.  He said, “A rising tide lifts all boats”.  In this recovery period, the rising tide could sink your boat if you make the mistake of selling like you … Continue reading

10 Point Checklist for Email Marketing FAILURE!

A well-conceived email marketing strategy continues to be one of the best marketing tools available to small and medium sized business (SMB).  Yet many companies are actually driving away customers with bad email automation. ___     Always promote.  People get weary of a constant stream of ‘great offers’.  What they crave are companies that keep them … Continue reading

Avoiding the Spam Folder

Email marketing is a safe and easy way to get information about your business into the hands of thousands of readers. It’s cost effective and fast. But with so many millions of emails traveling through the system these days, it can seem almost inevitable that yours may end up in your customers’ spam folder. Marked … Continue reading

Dont Look “Spammy” and Get Emails Blocked

Getting emails past the spam filters can be a challenge for small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s).  In the attempt to the recipient’s attention, you can easily be trapped by the spam filters of the people you are trying to reach.  All the hard work you put into crafting an email can be wasted by … Continue reading

Is Your Company Making These 10 Common Customer Relationship Mistakes?

In this business environment, you need to stop making Customer Relationship mistakes and hang on to each profitable customer.  Although you may see lots of people making these familiar errors, you don’t want to be one of them.  Use this as a checklist to make sure you are following the best business practices for building … Continue reading

3 Ingredients of Sales Growth

Growing sales doesn’t have to be a struggle!  How can you generate more qualified sales leads?   In this webinar, you’ll learn…   How what you say on the phone, in emails, on your website and in person directly effects your success. How to assess and improve what you’re saying to leads, prospects and customers. … Continue reading