Online CRM Drives 5 Stages of Customer Relationships

Everything has changed in the world of sales.  What is driving this rapid change is the attitude of the consumer.  With the customer in charge of the sales process, the only way to follow their lead is to use tools in an online CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).   5 Stages of Customer Relationship   Experts … Continue reading

4 Glaringly Obvious Signs of Bad Email Marketing

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you have been hearing about the marvelous results some companies are experiencing with marketing automation that uses targeted email campaigns.  Just a few years ago, many were predicting the doom of email marketing because consumers have moved to internet search.  The reality is literally the opposite … Continue reading

The Other Side of Email Marketing

You spend time and money to get your email marketing campaigns perfect. You want the right images, the right message and the right recipients. You hire help and research trends. And then you launch. But what happens next? On the business side, the side YOU see, you wait and hopefully the new customers start rolling … Continue reading

Ten Tremendous Tactics for Turning Your Pipe Dream into a Bulging Pipeline of Sales Leads

In a perfect world all sales leads will be easily sorted as: qualified to purchase right away or not ready yet.  The ones that are qualified set appointments with one of the sales team and those not yet ready are placed into lead nurturing campaigns. Sounds like a pipe dream, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have … Continue reading

The Secret to Testing Your Email Marketing Automation

When companies begin email marketing for the first time, they often ask what works.  Their goal is to duplicate exactly the same “best practices” and follow any rules so they can duplicate the success of others.  Trouble is, the successful business they might follow is different.  Even a company in the same industry has a … Continue reading

Use Your Online CRM to Get Out of Line

Talk to many sales organizations about the sales process and they will refer to the “sales funnel” and sometimes how they try to track it in their online CRM.  The process described as the sales funnel has never been linear and today’s customers are bending the process in every way.  In a socially connected environment, … Continue reading

Email Automation Makes New Sales Leads Feel Welcome

Unless you were raised in a barn, your mother probably taught you a few important ways to be polite to people you meet for the first time.  So…why do so many businesses fail when it comes to email automation???   Jeff Bezos summed it up when he said, “E-mail has some magical ability to turn … Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Someone Might Mark Your Email as Spam And 3 Ways to Prevent it From Happening…

Being reported as a “Spammer” is serious.  It can easily damage your sales automation efforts.  Even if you are legitimate in your email automation efforts, if you send enough emails…you will eventually be reported. Since the remedy to a report of spam involves suffering through a “guilty until proven innocent” process, you want to do … Continue reading

Email Marketing with Outlook? 7 Critical Reasons Why You Don’t Want To

We don’t want to bash MS Outlook.  It’s a good email program.  It is fine for communicating with individuals and small groups who know each other.  It SUCKS as an email marketing program.  There are so many reasons why.  It is missing a ton of features you must have for your email campaigns.  It cannot … Continue reading

3 Potentially Fatal Mistakes Sales Teams Can Make

Our economy is on the upswing in most parts of the U.S.  That does not mean the phrase used by John F Kennedy in 1963 will apply.  He said, “A rising tide lifts all boats”.  In this recovery period, the rising tide could sink your boat if you make the mistake of selling like you … Continue reading