The Importance of Including Social Media in Email Marketing Campaigns

It is 2013. There are no more excuses for businesses not launching email marketing campaigns. In fact, there are no more excuses for businesses with social media connections either. These two things are likely the best marketing tools a small business has. Not only are they extremely simple to navigate but they are used by … Continue reading

Take All 50 Shades of Gray Out of Your Email Marketing

With the web-hopping habits of today’s potential customers, you have got to be clear, concise and compelling.  There is absolutely no room for any shades of gray in email marketing. You also need to be provocative and proactive to reach the people who will buy your product or service. Clearly defining what you have to … Continue reading

Avoiding Security Breaches with Cloud Computing

You have grown your business and you are expanding your customer relationship management. Your business is all connected on “the cloud” and everything is running smoothly. So what’s next? How often do you think about the security of your cloud computing? Was it a consideration before setting up your system? Security breaches can happen but … Continue reading

12 New Ways to Stop Your Sales Process from Being an Old Leaky Bucket and What You Can Do To Plug the Leaks

If your CRM software is only used to house contact information about sales leads and current clients, you are wasting money and time. In fact, any company that is conducting their sales process like they did a decade ago is losing business…lots of business. In the sales profession – times they are a changing! You … Continue reading

Why You Should Put CRM Software at the Center of Your Marketing

In the early days of CRM software the primary goal was to keep track of prospects in the sales process.  Before computers, only sales people with good written records or exceptional memories could maintain the details of the customer well enough to close the sale dependably.  Delegating the maintenance of client data to a computer … Continue reading

Sales Ready Lead Starter Kit

The Sales Ready Lead Start Kit allows SalesNexus to help you create on-going, automated email campaigns that engage your audience and  identify highly qualified prospects. You’ll learn… Why traditional sales prospecting is broken What NOT to do in email marketing How to easily create email campaigns that identify the most qualified sales prospects. How to … Continue reading

3 Critical Ways Your CRM Software Can Solve Content Marketing Challenges

Everything is changing rapidly. Buyers want to control the buying process. They are drawn to companies that provide extremely valuable and highly informational content. Content like this is designed to establish a customer relationship and is an integral part of the marketing in many organizations. Although everyone talks about “Content Marketing”, it can sometimes be … Continue reading

Are You Using The Value Equation In Your Selling?

As sales people we are always having it drummed into us that we need to build the value of what we sell and how we sell it. This is absolutely true but it’s a little more challenging to actually define what value is because it’s all down to our clients’ perception. What we feel is … Continue reading

Why CRM Software Won’t Be Going Anywhere

Customer relationship management or CRM has been around since the 1980’s. The concept is pretty clear. And the benefits to your business should seem obvious by now. There’s an age old saying that goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Lately though, it seems like businesses are trying this new trick of trying to … Continue reading

Accurate CRM Measures to Automate Business Growth

Accurate CRM Measures to Automate Business Growth   World famous management consultant Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying, “You can’t improve what you can’t measure.”  Yet many businesses depend on forecasts and sales systems that are far from accurate.  When sales data is unpredictable, business revenue is inconsistent.  Inconsistent revenue is a threat to … Continue reading