Email Validation to Improve Deliverability

How can you decide if an email address has a valid opted-in address or not? It is imperative for your reputation that you do not spam! Protecting your sending reputation helps your valid email addresses get delivered and keeps you off the blacklist of spam filters. It is very important to remember that emailing to … Continue reading

7 Simple Tips to Sell with Your E-mail’s Subject Line

Email Subject Line – In today’s market, online advertising is an integral part of your business plan. You need a user-friendly website for your customer to find you, and an electronic mail campaign to promote yourself directly to your customer. Email marketing can be tricky. Think of your own inbox. How many emails are there? … Continue reading

Starting Your First Email Marketing Campaign Doesn’t Have to be Hard

You want to start email marketing, but you are frozen at the starting gate. With more than 28% of your customer’s workweek spent in the email inbox, you want to reach them where they will open and respond to your message. Chances are you are frozen because you can’t figure out what to send to … Continue reading

What is CRM?

The answer to the question about “What is CRM” can be answered quickly and concisely. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Further defining the term and how it supports an individual business takes on a different task. When CRMs started in the 1980’s it was the dawn of personal computing. Organizations and salespeople discovered the … Continue reading

How List Hygiene Can Make or Break Your Email Campaign

Your email list is much more than a static list of names. It is a dynamic and constantly evolving tool essential to communicate with your customer base. List hygiene plays a huge role in the success of your email list. Why List Hygiene Matters Email marketing revolves around deliverability. The best email campaign is no … Continue reading

3 Ways Storytelling Can Power Great Email Marketing Campaigns

Marketing departments have been telling brand stories since – well – since marketing began. They used advertising, events, famous personalities and other methods to give prospective buyers a memorable brand experience. It takes much more than a catchy phrase to earn and maintain the interest of today’s decision makers. Stories are a powerful tool to … Continue reading

Social Media Buttons in Email Marketing

Adding social media buttons into your emails can help spread your message further than you may have originally intended. Finding out how to do it requires some googling, and digging. I figured I would take all of those code snippets and combine them in one post so you can locate your social media buttons in … Continue reading

3 Proven Reasons Why Sales Leads Respond Well to Marketing Automation

With the overwhelming volume of information available, the average American’s attention span is shrinking rapidly (down to 8 seconds in 2013 and shortening every day). The currency for sales success is often a matter of being noticed at all. In the “Attention Economy” of today, automating response is essential. Yet many companies resist marketing automation … Continue reading

It’s Past Time to Respond to Mobile Email

You will notice email cannot be killed. Despite all the ramblings about its death or impending doom, it comes back and back again like the cockroach of the internet. Actually, like a cockroach, it simply keeps adapting and changing as new modalities threaten its existence. Email is a decentralized platform for building new and innovative … Continue reading

Image Secrets to Increase Success of your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing continues to be the solid foundation of almost all marketing budgets. The best use of images and graphics helps maximize the benefit of your campaigns. Graphics Increase Click-Through Rates As more email is being read on mobile devices, visual appeal is impacting click-through rates. With 1.4 billion smart phones in the hands of … Continue reading