Uncover the Buyer’s Pain to Improve Your Sales Process

Diagnose the pain of your buyer prospects to discover the best remedy for them and increase your own sales efficiency and improve your sales process.  The ability to gather and manage information around prospect’s needs is vital to work with buyers who are ready to purchase a solution.  Extract valuable information from them and then … Continue reading

How to Use Magic 5 Content Based Email Marketing to Increase Sales Results

Developing trust-based relationships with your prospects is a highly effective way to increase sales. You may be skeptical about how an email strategy can deliver sales. These are the reasons you may doubt the effectiveness: Your own inbox is overflowing…so you can’t understand how more email could increase sales. You don’t know where to start … Continue reading

Why I Joined SalesNexus CRM and Email Marketing

Clients ask how I came to work for a Houston based company while living in the small Georgia town of Athens.  Here’s my story:   My first exposure to the SalesNexus CRM program   I was the SalesNexus CRM administrator for the University of Georgia Conference Center and Hotel.  We had 60 users for the … Continue reading

5 Common Barriers To CRM Success

There are many potential barriers to CRM success. Here we discuss the top five that you should have on your radar if you are considering adding or switching CRM software providers. Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management software provider is an important decision that will positively or negatively impact your business for years.   Little … Continue reading

Does Your Sales Force Have the Marry Me Syndrome?

The reason why so many companies are having great success with CRM solutions is that it creates an atmosphere of courtship that can lead to trust.   You may remember the days…not so long ago…when good sales people could make a cold call to a prospective buyer and close the deal that day. That type … Continue reading

Today’s New Customer Craves the Feminine Touch

One of the often overlooked benefits of CRM is communicating the desire for relationship with our customers. In the past, making a sale has been based on competition for the quick sale. That is clearly a masculine activity. The single purpose of making the sale has lost its power in the past decade.  Today’s customer … Continue reading

The Magic 5 of Content Based Email Marketing Campaigns that Drive Sales

A simple 5 step process to create on-going, automated email marketing campaigns that engage your audience and identify highly qualified prospects. You’ll learn… How to define your target audience and tips on sourcing email lists. How to create valuable content pieces that customers appreciate and respond to. How to separate the most qualified prospects from … Continue reading

Manage a Sales Process of Actions that Lead to Sales Growth

An in-depth look at what should be measured in every sales process, how to set goals for and measure it and how to manage sales people to achieve business growth.   You’ll learn…   •How failure to measure and manage the actions that lead to sales results in failure. •How to determine the crucial actions … Continue reading

How to Qualify Sales Leads and Focus on Sales Growth that’s Profitable

An in-depth look at how to use simple questioning techniques to determine if a sales lead will purchase and the powerful impact of consistent qualifying.   You’ll learn…. (Register here)   •How to determine what makes a prospect qualified for your business. •When to question prospects in order to determine their qualification. •How and When … Continue reading

Build a Successful Marketing and Sales Process Through Pain

An in-depth investigation of how to identify the emotional circumstances that cause customers to buy from you, how to question prospects to diagnose their “pains” and build sales process that win!   You learn…   •What makes people buy? •The difference between technical pain and emotional pain and why it matters. •How to determine a … Continue reading