Excellent Customer Service is More than a Short-term Solution

Customers must have a reason to purchase a product.  One of these reasons are probably the most likely motivators.  The product will: Solve a current problem Create a positive reaction Makes a process easier When you find the reason it allows you to solve their problem faster and easier.   Knowing your customer means you can … Continue reading

More Sales Prospects in Less Time and Grow Profits

More Sales Prospects – Build B2B contact lists quickly, create engaging content to engage them and identify interested prospects in 5 easy steps! In this workshop, you’ll learn to… Quickly and inexpensively build huge lists of target prospects Automate the process of identifying qualified prospects Nurture Leads Through the Sales Pipeline Engage Your Audience Grow … Continue reading

Small Business Grows from Using Online Tools like CRM

Content and CRM Combine to Expand Client Base   Content marketing is changing the way small businesses interact with their prospects and current clients.  In a world where customers like to remain in control of the buying process, it is very easy for them to forget any business who serves them.  Having a good website … Continue reading

Small Business Email Marketing FAQ

Can Email Marketing Help Small Businesses?   Maintaining good customer relationships through consistent customer interaction and great customer service is key to building a successful small business. Email Marketing can help make customer touch points more consistent, personal and professional. Many small businesses utilize email marketing every day to maintain and grow their happy customer … Continue reading

What Is CRM?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a holistic approach to managing customer information through software solutions. Customer relationship management software is intended to cut costs and increase profits by enhancing the customer experience.  CRM can combine data from all sources within an organization (and from outside data sources) to paint a picture of the customer … Continue reading

8 Email Tips for Building Customer Relationships

4 Things to Do – and – 4 Things to Not Do   With the fast pace that has become part of our high-tech world, today’s consumer craves a relationship.  It is possible to develop good customer relationships using high-tech tools like CRM programs and automated email.  It is also possible to alienate customers if … Continue reading

How To Avoid CRM Buying Mistakes

5 Tips for Selecting A CRM Software Solution   Choosing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution can be a daunting task. There are a plethora of CRM software solutions out there that would lead you to believe that they have the best solution for your business, so who do you believe? How do you … Continue reading

The Importance of Email Marketing Tracking and Reporting

Email Marketing ROI is much easier to ascertain than traditional marketing efforts and thus should be implemented in order to measure the success of this marketing tactic. This is critical. If you aren’t measuring your marketing activity you won’t be able to prove its efficacy. You won’t know how many people opened or read your … Continue reading

What CEOs Should Know about CRM (Part 1 of 4)

Get Your Best Sales People to Love CRM   Front-line sales people are known for resisting new software.  The best system can be rendered pretty well worthless if you can’t get the users to adopt it.  That is why the best CRM software is designed by sales people…for sales people.  Far beyond the needs of … Continue reading

How To Choose CRM Software

Picking the right CRM software partner is critical for long-term CRM success. The first question you should be asking is what are my business goals. Establishing your business goals will help you weed through all the options available with CRM systems to determine what your business truly needs. Do you simply need contact management?  Do … Continue reading