Sales Engagement Optimization

Today, September 10th, 2015, SalesNexus will present “Sales Engagement Optimization” to the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) at their Boston meeting.   Presented by SalesNexus CEO, Craig Klein, the talk covers:   – The financial return of lead nurturing – The process a B2B buyer goes through – How sales people scare prospects … Continue reading

Craig Klein appears on Deal Talk Podcast

SalesNexus Founder and CEO was interviewed by Jeff Allen, of Morgan and Westfield, on the Deal Talk podcast this summer.   “The balance of power is shifting. Customers are in control of the process almost entirely.  Salespeople have to react, not dictate.”    In the discussion, Craig and Jeff discuss: – The importance of putting … Continue reading

5 Simple Sales Enablement Steps

Sales Enablement is about many things and the concept can be overwhelming for businesses and sales team. Often, businesses start on a journey of “self improvement” and run out of steam due to the pressures of taking care of business and cause themselves more problems than they solve.   Here’s a simple checklist to follow … Continue reading

Organizing Sales is Enabling Sales

For 25 years, 50% of CRM implementations have failed to meet expectations. This is primarily due to lack of adoption by sales people. It’s been the case since the inception of the word CRM.   In recent years, it’s been tempting to hope that younger generations, having grown up with computers, would be more enthusiastic … Continue reading

The Problem is NOT the CRM, It’s Call Reluctance

I know that sales reps the world over are going to hate me for this but, the truth is the truth! Sales people lie to their management a LOT! Please understand… I’m a sales person. I have spent my life learning about sales, selling, hiring salespeople, training them and managing them. I love salespeople! However, … Continue reading

Marginal Gains Make Champions

  When Dave Brailsford claimed his Sky Team would win the Tour de France without the aid of performance enhancing drugs, it was a bold and headline grabbing statement, especially given where the sport had been recently. Brailsford’s concept of “marginal gains” holds many lessons for those of us focused on sales teams and sales growth. … Continue reading

5 Red Flags When Buying a CRM

It was true 15 years ago and it’s still true. 50% of CRM implementations fail to meet management’s goals.   Don’t get discouraged! The reasons for this high failure rate are primarily in your control. The following five red flags can serve as warning signs you’re heading for the ditch.   Hopefully what follows helps … Continue reading

Sales Enablement Requires Sales Process

Can we agree that having a well defined sales process is a good thing? that its a good idea to have one?   I mean, if you’re in the manufacturing business, you’re going to have a pretty specific process defined for manufacturing each product right? That’s how you ensure consistent quality, costs, etc.   The … Continue reading

Sales People Not Using the CRM?

We spent all this money and time on this CRM and I can’t get my sales people to use it!   I know. I feel you!   This is the #1 reason that over 50% of CRM implementations fail.   But I’ve got some unpleasant news for you…   The blame doesn’t lie with the … Continue reading