Podcasts for Executives, Sales People and Marketers

I thought I’d share some great discoveries I’ve made recently! If you’re like me, then you’re fed up with the same old talk radio as you drive around town. Would you rather listen to business, sales and marketing pros talk about how they’ve grown their businesses? Here are some great Podcasts that I highly recommend! … Continue reading

The Definitive Guide to 2015 Top B2B Marketing Statistics

With the B2B sales cycle longer than ever before, a strategic lead generation and lead nurturing program is critical to cultivating your leads and closing the sale. When it comes to successful B2B marketing campaigns, is your business an industry leader or is lagging behind the competition? From lead generation to thought leadership, here’s what … Continue reading

The Ultimate List of 2015 Email Marketing Statistics for Your Business

Email Marketing Statistics -With nearly three out of four marketers stating that email marketing remains one of the most effective B2B communication channels for lead nurturing and sales, it’s clear that email marketing is here to stay. It’s no surprise that 59% of email marketers plan to increase their budgets this year. Wondering how your … Continue reading

Podcast: Bridging the Gap between your Marketing and Sales Teams

Clark Buckner, host of the Technology Advice Expert Interview Series Podcast, interviewed SalesNexus CEO, Craig Klein on how CRM, marketing automation and lead nurturing technology can bridge the gap between the marketing and sales teams.     Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation: TechnologyAdvice:What’s unique about making software for salespeople? 3:04 … Continue reading

Real-Time Customer Relationship Management is a Powerful Profit Center

Real-Time Customer Relationship – Your customer is busy. Their lives are fast-paced and they have a world of options – literally – at their fingertips. Your customers expect everything “now” When your customer is used to instant gratification, real-time response is considered normal. CRM software has the power to collect data about the customer’s buying … Continue reading

Selecting the Right CRM software for Your Business

Few would question whether a business needs a CRM in their business. Once a small company gets beyond the number of customers they can remember by recognizing their face, a computer system to manage data becomes essential.   The “Magic” of a Good CRM Have you ever called into a company where you purchased previously … Continue reading

3 Valid Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Works

With the cacophony of pundits praising the value of social media some business owners doubt whether they should continue to focus on email marketing. After all, budgets are stretched to the limit and some business is seeing actual buying patterns develop on social media platforms.   The answer is most companies need a social media … Continue reading

CRM Software Optimizes Predictive Performance in Marketing

Sometimes it may seem as if you are simply “throwing mud on the wall” with your marketing efforts. You may use a combination of marketing methods, but one of the outstanding features of email marketing is the ability to measure performance, adapt to the metrics and develop tactics for the future to become predictable profit … Continue reading

8 Great Tips for Cleaning Up Your Email Lists

Email Lists Cleaning – Email marketing is a great way to get your message out and keep in touch with your customers, except when your lists are out of date. Keeping your list clean and up to date ensures your bounce rate stays low, keeping you out of trouble with email providers and the law. … Continue reading

Longtail keywords, quality score, what else does it take for PPC success?

Pay per click campaigns can get expensive very fast!  The costs per click seem to keep escalating and actual sales results can be elusive.   Did you know that highly successful campaigns often have thousands of keywords in them?  Why you ask? In general its because the competition for “longtail” or very specific phrases is … Continue reading