Easy Steps to Start Nurturing Leads

Lead Nurturing

Your spending a lot of time and money generating leads and only a small percentage turn into customers initially. 79% of new leads are not ready to purchase yet.  Can you stay in touch with them for weeks, months or even years as they go through their own buying process? Lead Nurturing consistently yields 15 … Continue reading

Supercharged Selling

Supercharged Selling using your CRM Software

Sure, selling is an art.  Most good salespeople bring intuitive “people skills” to the table.  However, what separates the top producers from everyone else is often process. The most common short comings that undermine a salesperson’s success are Call Reluctance and Lack of Focus on Prospecting. Salespeople often prioritize customers that are about to purchase … Continue reading

New SalesNexus Upgrade – What’s New?

The newest update to SalesNexus Sales CRM and Marketing Automation is available to new and existing clients!  Here’s a short overview of significant changes that existing users will want to be aware of.  Watch the video of the new version and see your upgrade options below. Why Upgrade to the New SalesNexus? Integrations with FullContact, … Continue reading

Craig Klein appears on Texas Business Radio

Texas Business Radio - SalesNexus Interview

I have the opportunity to appear on Texas Business Radio on July 9th.  Jay Curry interviewed me and we dug into what businesses need CRM solutions, how do they choose the right technology and how to use CRM and Marketing Automation to grow your business. Watch the short interview here. We discussed how SalesNexus compares … Continue reading

Teaching Salespeople Empathy – Listening and Understanding Skills

Teaching Salespeople Empathy – We’ve all heard plenty about the importance of listening skills in selling.  Unfortunately, I think many sales trainers and salespeople misunderstand the intention and end up teaching and learning to be quiet and let the customer talk, without learning to really understand the customer.  If our focus is to truly help … Continue reading

Major SalesNexus Upgrade June 2016 Release

SalesNexus will release a completely new design with enhanced features in June 2016. The user interface has been updated and modernized to be easier for new users to learn and use quickly and to provide more full featured controls on tablets. In addition, the release includes powerful new features: Automated Campaign Triggering – clicks on emails … Continue reading

Open the Black Box of Sales While You Can

Black Box of Sales

Sales Black Box – Open the Black Box of Sales – Imagine that your market is in a serious downturn… You have to make changes.  Like most leaders, cutting personnel is the last resort.  Your squeezing every drop of savings out of your operations, cutting back on travel, perks, overhead, etc. But in the end, … Continue reading

Incentivize Sales to Use the CRM

Incentives for Sales to use CRM

We’ve all heard that 50% of CRM implementations fail.  And the #1 reason for failure is that the sales team won’t use the CRM.  Click here for a review of studies and statistics on CRM failure. On the bright side, 50% of CRM implementations succeed too!  To ensure your CRM implementation ends up in the … Continue reading Email vs SalesNexus Email

Salesforce Email Archival Limits

CRM solutions all have various features related to sending and managing email.  But there are significant differences in the specifics of how solutions accomplish these things. The following is a comparison of limitations and capabilities related to email for and SalesNexus.  We’ll break it down based on outbound, template based, “email marketing” features and … Continue reading

Uber-ized Sales or Model T Sales?

AA-ISP San Francisco

We had the opportunity to attend the recent AA-ISP event in San Francisco on February 18, 2016. As always, Bob Perkins, Larry Reeves and the entire team at AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) put together a power packed event. The day was full of cutting edge thinking in selling.  The slides from all … Continue reading