Organizing Sales is Enabling Sales

For 25 years, 50% of CRM implementations have failed to meet expectations. This is primarily due to lack of adoption by sales people. It’s been the case since the inception of the word CRM.   In recent years, it’s been tempting to hope that younger generations, having grown up with computers, would be more enthusiastic … Continue reading

The Problem is NOT the CRM, It’s Call Reluctance

I know that sales reps the world over are going to hate me for this but, the truth is the truth! Sales people lie to their management a LOT! Please understand… I’m a sales person. I have spent my life learning about sales, selling, hiring salespeople, training them and managing them. I love salespeople! However, … Continue reading

5 Red Flags When Buying a CRM

It was true 15 years ago and it’s still true. 50% of CRM implementations fail to meet management’s goals. Don’t get discouraged! The reasons for this high failure rate are primarily in your control. The following five red flags can serve as warning signs you’re heading for the ditch. Hopefully what follows helps you prepare … Continue reading

Sales Enablement Requires Sales Process

Can we agree that having a well defined sales process is a good thing? that its a good idea to have one?   I mean, if you’re in the manufacturing business, you’re going to have a pretty specific process defined for manufacturing each product right? That’s how you ensure consistent quality, costs, etc.   The … Continue reading

Sales People Not Using the CRM?

We spent all this money and time on this CRM and I can’t get my sales people to use it!   I know. I feel you!   This is the #1 reason that over 50% of CRM implementations fail.   But I’ve got some unpleasant news for you…   The blame doesn’t lie with the … Continue reading

The Definitive Guide to 2015 Top B2B Marketing Statistics

With the B2B sales cycle longer than ever before, a strategic lead generation and lead nurturing program is critical to cultivating your leads and closing the sale. When it comes to successful B2B marketing campaigns, is your business an industry leader or is lagging behind the competition? From lead generation to thought leadership, here’s what … Continue reading

The Ultimate List of 2015 Email Marketing Statistics for Your Business

Email Marketing Statistics -With nearly three out of four marketers stating that email marketing remains one of the most effective B2B communication channels for lead nurturing and sales, it’s clear that email marketing is here to stay. It’s no surprise that 59% of email marketers plan to increase their budgets this year. Wondering how your … Continue reading

Podcast: Bridging the Gap between your Marketing and Sales Teams

Clark Buckner, host of the Technology Advice Expert Interview Series Podcast, interviewed SalesNexus CEO, Craig Klein on how CRM, marketing automation and lead nurturing technology can bridge the gap between the marketing and sales teams.     Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation: TechnologyAdvice:What’s unique about making software for salespeople? 3:04 … Continue reading

Real-Time Customer Relationship Management is a Powerful Profit Center

Real-Time Customer Relationship – Your customer is busy. Their lives are fast-paced and they have a world of options – literally – at their fingertips. Your customers expect everything “now” When your customer is used to instant gratification, real-time response is considered normal. CRM software has the power to collect data about the customer’s buying … Continue reading

Selecting the Right CRM software for Your Business

Few would question whether a business needs a CRM in their business. Once a small company gets beyond the number of customers they can remember by recognizing their face, a computer system to manage data becomes essential. The “Magic” of a Good CRM Have you ever called into a company where you purchased previously and … Continue reading