3 Valid Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Works

With the cacophony of pundits praising the value of social media some business owners doubt whether they should continue to focus on email marketing. After all, budgets are stretched to the limit and some business is seeing actual buying patterns develop on social media platforms.   The answer is most companies need a social media … Continue reading

CRM Software Optimizes Predictive Performance in Marketing

Sometimes it may seem as if you are simply “throwing mud on the wall” with your marketing efforts. You may use a combination of marketing methods, but one of the outstanding features of email marketing is the ability to measure performance, adapt to the metrics and develop tactics for the future to become predictable profit … Continue reading

8 Great Tips for Cleaning Up Your Email Lists

Email Lists Cleaning – Email marketing is a great way to get your message out and keep in touch with your customers, except when your lists are out of date. Keeping your list clean and up to date ensures your bounce rate stays low, keeping you out of trouble with email providers and the law. … Continue reading

Longtail keywords, quality score, what else does it take for PPC success?

Pay per click campaigns can get expensive very fast!  The costs per click seem to keep escalating and actual sales results can be elusive.   Did you know that highly successful campaigns often have thousands of keywords in them?  Why you ask? In general its because the competition for “longtail” or very specific phrases is … Continue reading

Is CRM a Misnomer?

For several decades CRM has stood for Customer Relationship Manager. Yet sales organizations are seeing the customer can no longer be managed at all. Managing the data about customers must be done, but the customer is driving the ship these days. They refuse to be managed. Business Model Shifting Customers empowered by technology are forcing … Continue reading

Stay Afloat in a Sea of Canadian Spam Laws

Your business relies on electronic marketing to reach today’s consumer. You keep in touch with your clients via a user-friendly website, and effective email marketing. So, whom are you allowed to reach out to with your newsletter? When you are in Canada (or send email to residents), the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) requires you to … Continue reading

Relationship Advice: How to Develop a Realistic View of Love

If you opened this article thinking you would learn how to improve your love life, you are going to be disappointed. The title was lifted from a Huffington Post article in August 2012. You can read it here.   Relationships with a significant other are complex and difficult. Today’s business doesn’t have to suffer with … Continue reading

Five Ways to Grow Your Business Using Branded Content

Sales automation requires content to be developed that engages sales leads and builds desire to learn more about your product or service. This content may be articles, blog posts, videos, info-graphics or any number of other things that your customers and/or prospects want to know. The content is most profitably delivered with an email campaign … Continue reading

How a CRM can change the way you manage yourself and your Business!

Let us first be clear CRM stands for Custom Relationship Management. It allows you to store information about your leads, customers, contacts and clients, as well as maintain your interactions with them, in one central and easily accessible solution. Before beginning to use a CRM to manage business, I used a good old spread sheet or a legal … Continue reading

Why should I switch from Excel to a Customer Relationship Management Solution?

I get this question a lot, “Why should I pay for a CRM, when I have Microsoft Excel and a shared folder?” Well, that is a valid question. What an Online CRM provides is not just a way to spend money, but a way to save time and help support your business in ways that many … Continue reading