The Perils of Ego-Centric Email Marketing

More than likely you don’t think of your email marketing as ego-centric. Let’s talk about how the focus of your emails is defined. Your marketing is ego-centric if: You send emails telling the recipients about your product or service and how good it is…even if you frame it as a benefit to the prospect. Your … Continue reading

The Awesome Power of Customer Feedback

Getting into the customer’s head has always been the goal of marketing. How is this achieved? You will find many strategies, but the best ones revolve around customer feedback. Think of your customers as judges and your company as an Olympic athlete. Your marketing campaign is your trial run. The feedback you get from customers … Continue reading

Streamline Your Content Development Process – Curate

Many marketers feel responsible for developing content for their email marketing campaigns from what they already know. Too often, the seemingly high level ethics end up with the content developer sitting at the computer…with fingers on the keyboard… frozen with the question about what to create. That is not good for anyone, buyers included. So … Continue reading

Quick Tip – Style HTML Buttons With CSS Rather That Using Image Buttons

When you use images in your email marketing messages you can sometimes run into recipients that choose to disable images. For this reason you should use HTML buttons rather than images.   Here is a great article for coding up your own HTML button with CSS.     Use CSS styled HTML buttons over image … Continue reading

What Being a Parent Teaches You about Nurturing Sales Leads

Nurturing Sales Leads – Think of your sales leads as newborn babies. You brought them into your world through your lead generation campaigns, and now you want them to grow into happy and successful customers. Like parenting, lead nurturing is a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. Nurturing your leads takes time, effort, and patience. Before … Continue reading

5 Time-Tested Ways to get Your Sales Leads to Trust You

Sales Leads Trust -The internet has amped up customer mistrust to the typical salesperson. The customer thinks of a slick haired and smooth talking man who would do anything to make a sale. The new buyers refuse to be manipulated. Sales Leads Trust – How does your company change the prospect’s feelings? SMB’s (small to … Continue reading

There’s No “I” in Team: The Big Benefit of CRM Software

Think of sales as a sport. It has always been seen as an individual effort. Members of the same “sales team” often compete against each other for sales. They focus on themselves and don’t care much about their colleagues.   CRM software puts the team back in teamwork. It provides the hub necessary for effective … Continue reading

Quick Tip – Don’t Use All Caps In Your Email Subject Lines

In an effort to help you learn something without spending a lot of time reading page after page of information we decided to introduce “Quick Tips”.  A short video tip to help you learn something, and get back to work at being awesome.  This week’s tip: “Don’t Use All Caps In Your Email Subject Lines”. … Continue reading

How to Coach Your Sales Leads and Win the Sales Game

Coach Sales Leads -Behind every great athlete is a great coach. Imagine your sales leads as a team and your company as their coach. To begin, you want to get the leads ready for each game both mentally and physically. When they win, you win too. Being fully invested in your client’s success is the … Continue reading

Getting some positive reviews from the BBB Houston

BBB Online CRM and Email Marketing Integration   One of our many awesome clients that are based out of Houston is the Better Business Bureau of Houston.  They have an interesting backend system which compiles information about prospective BBB accredited businesses, and they needed an online CRM that integrated with that data.   After trying … Continue reading