The Ideal CRM Implementation Plan

Ideal Online CRM Implementation Plan

There are hundreds of CRM solutions available with a vast array of features for every type of user, industry and situation.  Yet half of CRM implementations fail to reach the goals management has for the CRM system. In most cases, CRM failure comes in the planning and implementation.  Too often, executives expect the CRM to … Continue reading

Essential Sales Metrics for Your Dashboard

Sales Metrics for Your CRM Dashboard

Everyone wants a sales dashboard, but what should be in it? Many online CRM solutions come complete with out of the box dashboards, but sales managers quickly find this generic information not specific enough to be actionable.  What you define as a lead will not be the same as for the next sales team. What … Continue reading

Is My Customer Data Safe with SalesNexus?

customer data security

On Friday, October 21, 2016, many popular sites were unavailable due to what is believed to be the largest ever DDoS attack on the DNS system of the Internet.  Many SalesNexus users were affected. Of course, when you can’t reach your customer information, you start to ask some important questions. We wanted to take this … Continue reading

DDoS Attack affecting SalesNexus

Many SalesNexus users were unable to reach the system today, due to the DDoS attack affecting many websites today.  Learn more about this attack here. As of 5pm EST Friday, the issue is on-going but SalesNexus availability seems to be back to “close to normal” for most users. The best place for up to the … Continue reading

Empowering Customer Decisions with CRM Process

Facilitating Decisions with CRM Process

What’s the most precious commodity in relationships with customers?  With decades of experience working closely with clients, my answer is that it is either  time or trust. Obtaining a customer’s time is where a tremendous portion of salespeople’s effort goes which generally is in the interest of earning the customer’s trust. You can have time … Continue reading

Use Email Analytics to Close Sales

Email Analytics for Sales

If you’re a salesperson getting started with leveraging email marketing, lead nurturing and email templates, all the jargon can be confusing.  However, there is a lot of power to engage with customers and close sales in the data about your email efforts so, let’s clarify the jargon and discuss best practices for using email engagement … Continue reading

How Constant Contact, MailChimp and SalesNexus Handle Bounced Emails

Bounced Emails

What does it mean when an email “bounces”?  How do popular email marketing solutions like Constant Contact, MailChimp and SalesNexus manages bounced emails? When B2B sales teams begin email marketing, there are a lot of “mysteries” and bounces can be one of the most difficult to sort out.  A typical sales team’s email marketing efforts … Continue reading

Email Marketing for Sales Teams – Best Practices

Email Marketing for Sales Teams - Best Practices

All email marketing is not the same.  The most effective emails are those that are created with a very specific purpose and a very targeted audience in mind.  Small and medium sized businesses often miss the mark with email marketing.  Of course, so do the big guys.  The causes are common, easy to identify and … Continue reading

The Oldest Profession in the World

Quotes on Sales - Oldest Profession

Somewhere early in my sales training, I heard someone say that sales is the oldest profession in the world.  Of course, there is that “other profession” that gets the title of oldest more commonly. However, if you really think about it, sales is really the art of persuasion and that has been around as long … Continue reading

Is It Over? How to fire a prospect in an email.

Mrs Prospect, You're Fired

The concept of “firing” a prospect comes as surprising to a lot of salespeople, but often the best way to move forward with a prospect is to let them go. Prospects expect salespeople to “chase” them, so they assume you’ll keep calling and be there when they’re ready.  Not very courteous but, very common!  Here’s … Continue reading