Analyze Which Key Metrics Count in Your Online CRM

Your CRM dashboard can be really useful in helping you adapt to the buying patterns of your sales leads.  Often people struggle with deciding what to measure, but no one really doubts that getting the data is useful. In the 1950’s Edward Deming revolutionized manufacturing with his “Plan-Do-Check-Act” cycle.  Since then, few have questioned the … Continue reading

3 Lame Excuses for Avoiding Customer-Centric Marketing Automation

While the buzz is all about making our companies customer-centric, the vast majority of companies are still using their resources to push products and services on their potential sales leads.  Why in the world is this happening when study after study heralds the concept of putting the customer in the center of all business operations? … Continue reading

Email Marketing – What You Can Learn From Homing Pigeons

If you think of email marketing as a way to bombard current and future customers with pitches and useless newsletter blah, blah, blah – you have missed the point.  Those tactics may have worked a decade ago, but these days promotional emails are offensive to the recipient.  If you send a newsletter, it had better … Continue reading

K.I.S.S. Method to Email Marketing

Your sales leads are crazy-busy.  They simply refuse to deal with anything complex.  If you force them to decode your message or make a decision without fully understanding, all interest comes to a screeching halt.  It is a perfectly normal human reaction to stress and overwhelm.   The simplicity of getting little nibbles of information … Continue reading

Get New Sales Leads with a Net – Stop Trying to Use a Harpoon

Pushy, aggressive and annoying sales methods have been a staple of success for many companies for decades.  Today’s internet-enabled buyer resists this type of sales pitch and the phenomenon has changed sales leads  your company depends upon. When you get a sales lead today, the methods you use to “reel them in” need to be … Continue reading

How CRM Is Pretty Much Like Dating

How CRM Is Pretty Much Like Dating Aside from in movies, how often do people fall in love for the very first time and commit to a long lasting, happily ever after relationship? Considering 50% of marriages end in divorce, this doesn’t happen too often. People date, get a feel for the other person, stick … Continue reading

Email Marketing with Art and Science

“Beyond the Age of Information is the Age of Choices”   You might find it strange to quote the words of Eames in an article about email marketing.  After all, most people only are aware of the world renowned Eames chair.  It became an icon of mid century practicality and was produced by Charles Eames.  … Continue reading

Email Marketing Goes Straight to the Heart of Sales

Paid digital advertising is typically focused on getting people to click on the ad and make a purchase.  Email marketing is about building a growing list of email subscribers that position you to organically grow your business.  It is not hard to imagine which method is most successful in the long term.   Benefits of … Continue reading

4 Critical Ways Your Marketing Automation Develops Trust

The words “Marketing Automation” often bring back memories of the dry, impersonal emails you have received.  You probably hate it when you get an email that has obviously auto-populated your name, yet talks about something that would NEVER entice you to purchase from the company.  Lazy marketing automation can actually drive potential customers away from … Continue reading

More Marketing Automation = More Savvy Buyer Response

It’s the Personalization Stupid! That’s right, marketing automation can (and should) lead to more personalized communication.  If you are not currently using your CRM software for marketing automation, you may think I am crazy for making such a dubious statement.  You may ask, “How in the world can creating an automated email campaign be more … Continue reading