Email Blast via CC in Outlook – Email Marketing No No’s

Today I received two separate emails from businesses where the sender CC’d (carbon copied) a long list of their customers. For those new to email marketing, this is a major “No No”!   More on why this is something to avoid later. First the funny part… Both emails included the legal disclaimer at the end … Continue reading

From Email Newsletters to Email Marketing that Drives Sales

Email Newsletters are a common first step in email marketing.  Creating lead nurturing campaigns that generate sales results can be complex and overwhelming! We developed a systematic approach to segmenting your market, developing emails and content for your target customers and building campaigns that create live leads for sales teams. In this workshop, you’ll learn … Continue reading

How to Gain Loyal Customers: Get Personal

How was Tony Hsieh able to take the simple concept of selling shoes online and create a billion dollar company? A big reason for Zappos’ continued success is its dedication to customer service. In fact, Hsieh believes in customer service so much that he wrote a book on the subject. If you browse through the … Continue reading

How Can You Prevent Worry from Sabotaging Sales?

When it comes to your website, it’s easy to forget that your online customers have needs that are very similar to in-store shoppers. Not only do you need to be able to draw customers in, but you need to be able to provide them with a pleasant experience that keeps them happy and eliminates worry. … Continue reading

The Truth About Social Media

The explosion of social media as a virtual meeting place has pressured businesses to use it to locate customers. Businesses have begun this quest by increasing their online presence on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. They have also expanded their marketing effort by participating on media sharing sites like YouTube and Pinterest. However, … Continue reading

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Blogs are great promotional tools for businesses. Businesses that blog understand how important it is to their overall marketing efforts. However, using a blog for direct advertising isn’t how you get the best results. Instead, here are the top ways a blog can benefit your business:   1. Help establish your company as an industry … Continue reading

Six Reasons Content Should Be Part of Your Marketing

Content Marketing – Gone are the days when you could simply break into TV viewers’ shows with your ad, tell them how great your product is and then wait for them to show up at your door. The Internet doesn’t work that way. While the Internet can connect you with a wider pool of potential … Continue reading

CRM Software with Sales Leads Built In?!

Wow!  Since launching our partnership with we’ve been extremely busy!   It’s no secret that the #1 challenge in any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) implementation is getting the sales team to really use the system.   And what’s the one thing every sales person in the world wants more of?  OK, two things…   After … Continue reading

Not All Leads Are Created Equal

Pursuing every lead equally rarely leads to the results that a company wants. The reason is not all leads are equal. Identifying those few leads that produce the best results will allow your company to focus its efforts on the prospects that are most likely to become sales. Focusing on the quality of leads rather … Continue reading

Learn Why and How to Offer a Free Report

Offering a free report to people who visit your site can do a great deal for your credibility as an expert in your niche. Chances are that while many visitors to your site are looking for specific information, they are reluctant to buy anything right away. Providing them with a free report that’s filled with … Continue reading